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Kapture CRM named Jagadeesan Kumar as CFO

Jagadeesan Kumar has been named Chief Financial Officer and Head of Corporate Development at Kapture CRM. Jagadeesan will assist KaptureCRM in developing better processes and scaling into a more organised organisation that can genuinely generate enormous value for all of our team members and stockholders.

Commenting on his appointment, Sheshgiri Kamath, CEO & Co-founder said,“We are delighted to have Jagadeesan join us as our CFO. The last few years have been incredible for us where we have witnessed exponential growth across geographies. Our focus is now to evolve into a more structured organisation that’s prepared for the planned growth in the coming years. Having Jagadeesan is going to be a big help in this journey.”

Before joining KaptureCRM, Jagadeesan has led his own boutique investment banking firm that helped multiple early stage start-ups. In his career, he worked at KPMG where he contributed his expertise in the growth of India’s top start-ups and listed companies.

 “I’ve been working with Shesh and Vikas for over a couple years now on various aspects and am delighted to be a part of the growth journey with them. Focus, determination and tenacity to build a profitable and customer-centric business is something I look forward to building on. Kapture is here to stay and I’m looking forward to growing with them,” said Jagadeesan Kumar, Chief Financial Officer and Head of Corporate Development, Kapture CRM.

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