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PepsiCo India named Garima Singh as Head of Government Affairs and Communications

Garima Singh has been named Head of Government Affairs and Communications at PepsiCo India.

Garima will succeed Viraj Chouhan, who has been promoted to Vice President, Global Market Communications.

Garima was previously the Head of Corporate Affairs at HeroMotoCorp, and in her 20+ years of expertise, she has led public affairs mandates for firms such as Mondelez, Apple, and Mahindra & Mahindra, among others. Garima will be a significant business partner for PepsiCo India, addressing long-term policy risks and opportunities to drive public policy decisions for the company’s sustainable, responsible growth.

Viraj, on the other hand, will take up a global role with him being a focal point for all global market communications teams outside the US, covering both internal and external communications. He will serve as the head of the Markets Center of Excellence, providing support and guidance to teams and drive positive outcomes around key themes including pep+, Diversity, Engagement & Inclusion, Digital Transformation and Community.

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