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Rohit Shetty’s ‘Made in India’ featuring Ranveer Ching making waves

In the world of movies, it’s quite common for a successful film franchise to come out with sequels. This was unheard of in advertising – until the creation of Ranveer Ching! After first launching Ranveer Ching in 2014, Capital Food had a winning formula on their hands. Ranveer Singh, the brand ambassador of Ching’s Secret, a Desi Chinese food ingredient brand, immediately started personifying the brand as Ranveer Ching. The real life persona of Ranveer Singh was a perfect sync with the ‘hatke’ brand personality of Ranveer Ching.

The music video, ‘My name is Ranveer Ching’ was followed by ‘The return of Ranveer Ching’ and ‘Captain Ching Rises’. In each sequel, Ranveer Ching appeared in a different avatar, but was as bombastic and entertaining as ever. In the hands of well-known Bollywood directors like Shaad Ali, Rohit Shetty and Ali Abbas Zafar, Ranveer Ching has created signature dance steps in a music video, rescued starving people in a dystopian world and used the energy of Schezwan Chutney to propel through outer space to break up a meteor. Whether he was selling soups, masalas, noodles or Schezwan Chutney, he has become a legitimate brand extension, loved or hated, but never ignored.

Touted as a ‘film’ and not an ‘ad’, Made In India had a proper premiere including post-show interviews with Rohit Shetty, Ranveer Singh and Ajay Gupta, the Chairman of Capital Foods. A brand with a Chinese name in a film called ‘Made in India’ seems like an anomaly. But it was quickly pointed out that it was ‘Desi Chinese’ that is made in India. The popular street Desi Chinese flavours are unique to the sub-continent and are fast becoming beloved across the globe. Ching’s Secret is now sold in 90 countries – including China!

Simultaneously released across all media by PURNIMA ADVERTISING AGENCY on multiple social media platforms, Made In India garnered 3 million views on YouTube within 24 hours, with a largely positive reaction to the brand, film and product. ‘RanveerSinghXRohitShetty’ was the No.1 trend on Twitter for more than 3 hours on the day of release.

Elaborating on this clutter breaking campaign, the Marketing team of Capital Foods, said, “Our goal is simple – enable our consumers to rustle up some delicious Desi Chinese cuisine at ease and at home. Our brand communications however, have always been clutter breaking. And what has helped greatly is the fact that our relationship with Ranveer isn’t as much about a celebrity endorsement as it is a brand partnership. He is part of our strategic discussions and takes a keen interest in the brand personally. The media planning however, intends to take the message to the masses in both domestic and international markets, appealing to those with a loving appetite for both food and Bollywood. And, our ever-growing popularity as the only Desi Chinese brand is evidence enough. We are delighted that the “Made In India” film has made its way to a wide audience. We truly appreciate the memes that this campaign has helped cook up a sure and obvious sign of its popularity”.

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