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Vi rolls out AI/ML based Ad-Tech Platform – Vi Ads

Vi, an AI/ML-driven Adtech platform that delivers advertisers a cutting-edge and ROI-focused programmatic media buying platform, has announced the introduction of its own ‘Ad-Tech’ platform — Vi Ads.

Vi Ads, which is based on Vi’s deep data science technology, will allow marketers to engage with the operator’s 243 million subscribers through a variety of channels, including Vi’s own digital media, such as the Vi App and Vi Movies & TV App, as well as traditional channels such as SMS and IVR calls. One of Vi Ads’ primary differentiators is that it will be media agnostic, allowing advertisers to engage with Vi users via external media channels and Vi Ads publisher partners.

Additionally, Vi Ads will offer a self-serve interface enabling marketers with full control of their campaigns from campaign set up, tracking campaign performance to driving campaign insights.

Commenting on the launch of Vi Ads, Avneesh Khosla, CMO, Vi said “With our programmatic platform – Vi Ads, we will address two of the biggest challenges faced by marketers today – authentic insights and enhanced reach. Firstly, it offers marketers the benefits of unique audience segments, interest groups and targeting parameters derived using Vi’s deep insights of our consumers built on opt-in data. Secondly, it allows advertisers to not only reach their chosen audiences over Vi’s own Digital Media like Vi App and Vi Movies & TV app, but also on external third party programmatic media and traditional channels of SMS & IVR calls. This is a simple, easy to use and highly efficient solution for marketers to effectively reach out to the right target group with the most relevant messaging at any given point of time, while also providing a monetization opportunity to Vi as we aggressively build and scale our digital assets.” 

The Vi Ads Platform has been built in partnership with TorcAi, a global provider of audience infrastructure and programmatic solutions, leverages advanced data sciences & machine learning to stitch together legacy marketing & advertising technology platforms with new breed tech. TorcAi helps media value chain stakeholders to build and nurture audience assets by bringing together data and activation channels at the organizational level.

Rohit Verma, CEO TorcAi Digital said, “This partnership, and the development of the Vi Ads platform, will enable Vi to connect their vast stores of customer insights with advertisers, and publishers, to deliver the right message, at the perfect time.

We look forward to a long relationship with Vi and welcome the opportunity to deliver world-class products and technologies that will continue to revolutionize the way data is used to better engage with consumers across an ever-evolving digital backdrop.”

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