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Kangana Ranaut’s LockUpp and its participants were major hits on Chingari this season!

India’s leading short video app Chingari powered by $GARI, recently executed a 2 month long campaign to promote ALTBalaji’s most popular show LockUpp as its Digital Partner. During the campaign Chingari garnered a tremendous response from its creators community under the hashtag #KanganaKaLockupp and received around 45000+ video entries as a result of the promotion campaign. Creators created a number of entertaining and engaging videos based on the dialogues said by Kangana during the reality show.

Other than the hashtag campaign, Chingari also gained a great viewership on the interviews that it conducted with the LockUp contestants that were evicted from the show in the last 2 months. The interview segment ‘LockUpp ke Baad, Chingari ke Sath’ received an overwhelming response from the fans and followers of the participants who revealed the show’s deepest and darkest secrets after they were evicted from it.

Contestants like Siddharth Sharma, Sara Khan, Mandana Karimi, Ali Merchant, and the winner of the show Munawar Faruqui were interviewed exclusively by team Chingari for the  ‘LockUpp ke Baad, Chingari ke Sath’ segment.

The LockUpp videos were constantly trending on Chingari App and garnered around 385M+ views from the users of the app. The videos promoted by Chingari also gained around 0.6M+ views across other social media platforms.

Sumit Ghosh, Co-founder & CEO, Chingari App said, “Chingari has been constantly working with brands and OTT platforms to promote their content extensively via the creator’s ecosystem. Today influencers and creators have become the go to marketing strategy for almost all brands as they reach out to a diverse range of audiences and enjoy a great followership across India, especially on Chingari powered by $GARI. We were thrilled work with ALTalaji once again and deliver great results from executing an enormously successful campaign. We look forward to many such future endeavours and hope to achieve bigger milestones for both the parties.”

Divya Dixit, SVP- Marketing & Partnerships, ALTBalaji commented, “ALTernative content being one of the core ethos of the group, launching a reality show like LockUpp became one of the most crucial projects for the team. In order to generate massive buzz and engagement for  the show, it was imperative for us to choose the right partners to help us promote the show across India. This is where Chingari App came into the picture and helped us achieve the results that we had aimed for. Our partnership with Chingari App has been very fruitful in the past projects as well, and that is why we were more than happy to collaborate with them for the promotion of LockUpp. We hope to partner with the Chingari team again for our future projects as well.

Kangana Ranaut’s LockUpp ended on 7th May with Munawar Faruqui winning the very first season of the reality show that can be streamed by viewers on ALTBalaji.

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