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Ginger by Lifestyle launches its new campaign #ImperfectlyPerfectRules for all the young girls

 Ginger by Lifestyle has launched its #ImperfectlyPerfectRules campaign which reinforces the ‘Ginger Life’, a life that does not conform to the societal standards of perfection but is a celebration of individuality and imperfections in an unapologetic way. The brand brings this idea alive through a series of 3 films based on different fashion occasions that a ginger girl resonates with. Social media today has become a fashion rule book for the young aspiring fashionistas, almost dictating the fashion do’s and don’ts. But the Ginger girl is not one to follow rules but instead rule with her quirky and fearless sense of style and give fashion her spin with #ImperfectlyPerfectRules.

The three films draw a sharp contrast between a prescribed approach to fashion and Ginger girl’s unique style sense for a Date, Beach and Party. While the perfect style tip for a party would be to keep it chic and classy, the Ginger girl would go all sassy and slay with her imperfectly perfect look. It is not about beating the heat with flowy and chic at a beach, a ginger girl would turn on the heat with anything snappy and sleek – She is the one who breaks from the cookie cutter rules to flaunt her unique style that would make heads turn. With this campaign, Ginger aims to resonate with the stylish, fearless and edgy girls of today, who follows no rules and does not settle for generic fashion styles.

Ginger’s cool and edgy styles from the summer 22’ collection, are perfect for girls who love to style their clothes differently and make heads turn wherever they go. From crop tops, and T-shirts, to jumpsuits, skirts and shorts, the SS ‘22 collection has something for all the young girls out there. With dresses starting from Rs.799/- and tops starting from Rs.499/-, Ginger has an array of trendy pieces that can be styled and owned by the Ginger girl who makes her own #ImperfectlyPerfectRules.

Commenting on the campaign, Rohini Haldea, Assistant Vice-President, Marketing, Lifestyle, said: “Ginger, through its campaigns, has always reinforced a progressive view on fashion. This year, we have come up with a three-film campaign featuring the Ginger Girl who breaks the usual norms of fashion and rules with her own #ImperfectlyPerfectRules. They say fashion has no rules and our campaign exactly stands for that. With this, we aim at meeting the ideas of today’s young girls who are confident and bold and do not shy away from bringing their own unique style to whatever they do.”

Priya Shivakumar, Senior National Creative Director, Wunderman Thompson India, added her thoughts on the conception and creation of the campaign by saying “The Ginger girl has always broken stereotypes with her #ImperfectlyPerfect take on life. This time she breaks the rules of fashion to display the confidence and daring to make her point and break the mould yet again. Open your newsfeed or Instagram explore tab and you will find fashion and beauty tutorials telling you how you can look good, with influencers offering advice on what to wear, what trends to follow, what is cool and what is not, what to pair with what and what not to do, all of this, serving as a playbook for aspiring fashionistas to live by. But the Ginger girl is neither one to give in to someone else’s standards of perfection nor one to follow in another’s fashion footsteps. Rather than bending to the rules of what goes with what, she would rather just ask: “Why should it go with anything when you can just go with the flow?” as she follows her heart and great fashion sense to make the rules up as she goes along. Her #ImperfectlyPerfectRules makes breaking the rules more fun than ever before and brings the fun and fearless discovery back to fashion. “

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