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Nescafé RTD celebrates India’s Gen Z heroes in its new campaign

Nescafé Ready-To-Drink (RTD) cold coffee has launched a new campaign called “Thoda Aur Machaa,” which celebrates our Gen Z’s enthusiastic spirit and doer’s attitude. The campaign tells the experiences of actual Gen Z heroes who think that their actions and attitudes can make a difference through a three-part video series.

Commenting on the new campaign, Mehernosh Malia, Head– Dairy Business, Nestlé India said, “There is a change happening and Nescafé RTD cold coffee is celebrating this. The Gen Z in India today are not walking the beaten path. They are truly being the change they want to see. We are super-inspired by the real stories of these young heroes. There are 100s of such stories – Malhar, Zabi and Rayna are the first stories amongst them that we would like to share with you.”

The campaign is conceptualized in partnership with Lowe Lintas.

Prateek Bhardwaj, Chief Creative Officer, Lowe Lintas Gurugram office stated “Stimulation and indulgence- for us Nescafé RTD cold-coffee’s product truth was in those two words. Indulgence is the reward for your hard work. While stimulation lent by coffee is the push to go forth! In a very refreshing, clutter-breaking format Nescafé RTD cold-coffee encourages the youth to “continue rocking a little more” or as a Gen-z would put it, ‘Thoda aur Machaa’!

On being part of the campaign with Nescafé RTD cold-coffee, Malhar Kalambe, founder of NGO “Beach Please” shares “The most prominent type of waste we come across during our clean-up drives is plastic packaging. I’m glad that brands like Nescafé RTD are plastic neutral and are taking greater strides towards sustainability.”

The brand also plans to partner with youth-centric platforms to celebrate more such real Gen Z heroes. This campaign will be promoted nationally across digital and social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and OTT platforms like SonyLIV.

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