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Bata India launches “It’s Got to be Bata” campaign featuring Disha Patani

Bata India has launched its new 24×7 Casual Collection, which is designed to be adaptable. The launch of the collection is highlighted with a 360-degree campaign named “It’s Got To Be Bata,” which stars Disha Patani, Bata India’s new brand ambassador.

The new 24×7 Casual Collection was created with the changing needs of modern Indian women in mind, whose footwear requirements changed during the pandemic. Both the collection and the campaign are inspired by the many roles that women today fulfil while maintaining their sense of style.

Commenting on the new TVC, Gunjan Shah, M.D. and CEO, Bata India Limited said: “Casualisation has become a big trend over the last couple of years. Consumers now seek styles that are versatile enough to take them through multiple occasions in a day. Multifunctional footwear, therefore, has become more relevant for women today and Bata is introducing footwear that merges active and leisurewear attributes. The 24×7 Casual Collection is curated keeping in mind the various roles that women play throughout the day for which they need versatile casual shoes to effortlessly move from one occasion to another. The new campaign features our new brand ambassador Disha Patani, and we hope to attract younger audiences who seek outdoors-inspired benefits, while still wanting a fashion-driven aesthetic that works well for the city life”

Sagar Mahabaleshwarkar, Chief Creative Officer – Contract India, said, “Over the last few years, we have seen Bata transition to a fashion-forward brand with product lines that are in sync with the latest of trends – be it casuals or sneakers or formals. With this campaign, we had an interesting opportunity of taking the brand journey forward. From the journey that started with Surprisingly Bata campaign in 2018, it was time to take a more confident and bolder stance. Association with Disha has helped bringing about this transition, she personifies the attributes that we want Bata to represent today –  stylish, glam, young, more confident and bold. The campaign is beautifully supported by lyrics crafted by Amitabh Bhattacharya, one of India’s ace lyricist.”

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