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Used car leasing firm PumPumPum appoints Nikhil Sharma as AVP – Growth & Marketing

PumPumPum, India’s first used car corporate Leasing and subscription company, announced the expansion of its leadership team with the appointment of Nikhil Sharma as the Assistant Vice President – Growth and Marketing.

In his new role, Sharma will be responsible for scaling up and executing PumPumPum’s integrated marketing strategies and driving the company’s corporate reputation forward with a focus on 360-degree branding efforts.

Nikhil Sharma, AVP, Growth & Marketing said, “PumPumPum is based on a unique business model that has the potential to disrupt the current used-car ecosystem. I admire the company and its leadership for its dynamic work culture, founding values, and strong footprint in the market. I am stoked to be part of the team to contribute to its next milestones to disrupt the car leasing market.”

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