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Timex Group India named Deepak Chhabra as Managing Director

Deepak Chhabra has been named Managing Director of Timex Group India Limited, a leading watchmaker. Chhabra has over two decades of retail, brand management, strategic business planning, profit and loss management, sales, and merchandising experience. He will be in charge of designing and driving major initiatives, as well as delivering outstanding brand and customer experiences through new business planning solutions, thanks to his astute leadership.

The Nomination and Remuneration Committee of the Timex Group Board recommended Chhabra for the position of Managing Director. He has a lengthy and successful track record of working with brands such as Tupperware, Crocs, Reliance Retail, Skechers, Sprandi, and others as a strategic expert. Prior to joining Timex, Chhabra served as the Managing Director of Tupperware from early 2019 to early 2020, where he led the brand’s transformation from a direct selling company to a harmonised multichannel strategy that included retail, e-tail, and e-commerce to increase consumer access and help the brand gain market share. He also changed the company’s focus from kitchenware to homeware, and from primarily plastics to a material-agnostic brand.

Chhabra, a Marketeer by training, has an entrepreneurial mindset and has worked in the Retail, Lifestyle, Consumer Durables, and Sportswear industries for over twenty-five years, exposing him to global business cultures and best practises. He is a purpose-driven leader who is continuously taking risks and moving beyond his comfort zone and predetermined traditions. He is a firm believer in accepting failure as much as achievement.

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