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Silvin Partners with DDB Mudra to launch a campaign for its All-in-One Super1Pack

Silvin, a leading PVC & CPVC additive brand, has joined hands with DDB Mudra to launch a campaign for its new All-in-One Super1Pack. Centred around cricket, the film playfully highlights the disadvantages of not having the right mix of PVC additives and how that could affect the manufacturing process.

The combinations and ratios of additives like stabilisers, lubricants, impact modifiers and processing aids are indispensable to PVC & CPVC manufacturing. Manufacturers, however, measure their own combinations, also known as self-compounding, which can be detrimental to the process. Silvin’s All-in-One Super1Pack solves this problem by providing the right combination of additives for better output.

The film draws attention to the side effects of self-compounding by showing a field full of wicketkeepers struggling to play a game of cricket. While it somewhat works, it’s not the game we all know and love because it lacks the right mix of players that perform different roles.

Commenting on the new product, Jagat Chokshi, Director, Silvin said, “The PVC/CPVC industry is highly dependent on self-compounding when it comes to additives that are crucial to manufacturing process. At Silvin, we achieve the right combination of additives through customisation and innovation, which is not only cost effective for our clients, but is also environment friendly.”

Speaking on the campaign, Pallavi Chakravarti, Creative Head – West, DDB Mudra said, “We strongly believe that brands are built through engaging and effective story-telling – whether they be consumer-facing or industrial in nature. The Silvin campaign, created by our Ahmedabad office is a prime example of us realising that belief through a light-hearted execution that lands the product benefit sharply via a metaphor that is universally understood.”

The campaign is currently live across social media and digital platforms.

Campaign Credits:

Creative: Pallavi Chakravarti,Kapil Ojha, Vinayak Dubey, Yashasvi Agrawal

Business: Anurag Tandon, Shekhar Pandey, Mahaveer Singhal, Deepika Paryani

Director: Vaibhav Kerlekar

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