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Chemin Esports appoints Himanshu Chandnani as its Marketing & Talent Consultant

Chemin Esports, a renowned esports company poised for sustained growth, has hired Himanshu Chandnani as its Marketing & Talent Consultant.

Himanshu will work as a marketing and talent consultant for Chemin’s expanding team. Himanshu’s appointment is expected to boost Chemin’s strategic talent hires and propel the company’s marketing efforts forward, in keeping with Chemin’s vision and long-term growth strategy. Chandnani’s primary responsibilities at Chemin will be to conceptualise brand-building activities, create new video IPs, plan the social media content schedule, and groom Chemin’s talent.

Chemin has launched a strategic content agreement with Rooter, a gaming streaming platform, with the goal of expanding its reach. Mountain Dew, the biggest global beverage brand, became its official beverage partner in April of this year.

Himanshu’s appointment has arrived at an ideal time for Chemin, when things are looking up. Himanshu knows what works and what doesn’t in the world of esports, thanks to his extensive expertise and relationships in the disciplines of gaming, esports, talent grooming, influencer marketing, marketing advice, and creator marketing.

Speaking about his position and vision for Chemin Himanshu said, “It is great to be associated with a growing company like Chemin, as the company is focusing on creating opportunities for evolving gamers, a platform for brands to reach-out to its audience, and definitely leading the position in the evolving industry, it just gives me the right mix of opportunities to leverage my experience and evolve in the growing industry”

Speaking on this move, Chemin’s Founder and Director, Ishan Varma, said “It’s a very favorable time for us, considering our team performance, the collaborations we had in the recent past, and the leading position we have achieved among the evolving Esports industry in India, it will be important to have the right people in our team. Himanshu’s arrival & his experience will strengthen our team’s confidence and allow us to spread our wings in the evolving Indian gaming industry.”

Himanshu has been previously associated with Red Owl Gaming as Content & Esports Head, and Sportskeeda as the Esports Consultant, besides founding and co-founding websites and companies such as TGW Gaming,, and WeSocializeu.

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