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Vicks bolsters its Cough Drops line-up of lozenges, Adds ‘Tulsi’ flavor

Vicks announced the launch of Vicks Tulsi Cough Drops in India. By adding Tulsi flavor to its range of products, the brand reaffirms its aim of making traditional remedies, passed down by generations, convenient and accessible to all. The Tulsi plant is traditionally known for being a highly beneficial herb in treating cough and alleviating sore throat. Independent studies commissioned by Vicks Cough Drops also revealed that Indians rated Tulsi as one of the most preferred flavors for sore throat relief.

“Vicks Cough Drops believes in harnessing the power of traditional and trusted ingredients in its portfolio and aims to stay true to the needs of their consumers. Vicks Cough Drops’ portfolio already boasts of flavors like honey, menthol, and ginger. The new flavor ‘Tulsi’ strengthens Vicks Cough Drops’ pocket-sized portfolio which relieves khich-khich in the throat.” stated the company’s recent announcement.

Commenting on the launch, Sahil Sethi, Senior Director, and Category Head, Personal Healthcare, Procter & Gamble India, added, “Vicks Cough Drops has been relieving khich-khich for generations of Indians using natural and traditional ingredient-based flavors that are known to bring sore throat relief to the consumers. Tulsi is a trusted ingredient in Indian households for its medicinal properties. Therefore, it was only natural for us to introduce Tulsi as a new addition to the Vicks Cough Drops range. Through this, we are staying true to our ethos of providing our consumers with an effective solution for their sore throat. We are confident that Vicks Tulsi Cough Drops will be the next trusted home remedy for consumers to get quick relief from sore throat and enable them to speak khich-khich free with confidence.”

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