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Big FM elevates Sunil Kumaran as Chief Operating Officer

BIG FM, one of India’s most popular radio stations, recently announced the promotion of Sunil Kumaran to Chief Operating Officer. Kumaran will be in charge of revenue (Sales, Sales Support, Revenue Maximization, Account Planning), as well as maintaining his present responsibilities for brand (Programming, Marketing & Solutions) and accelerating the network’s digital expansion.

Kumaran, who was previously the Chief Brand and Digital Officer of BIG FM, has been with the radio network for about 11 years and has over two decades of expertise in the radio sector. BIG FM’s statement is in keeping with the radio network’s evolving marketing dynamics and growth projections in a variety of areas, which Kumaran will optimise through innovation and development.

Speaking about his new role, Kumaran said, “We are going through a transformative time in our journey at BIG.  Tapping into our strengths, we have embarked on an aggressive growth plan to leverage the opportunities presented by the fast evolving digital landscape. I am happy to move into this role where I get to work with a top-of-the-line cross functional team, to drive this evolution and growth.”

Adding on, Abraham Thomas, CEO, Reliance Broadcast Network Limited, said, “Sunil is a proven leader and we aim to leverage every ounce of his superpowers as a revenue, product, content, and marketing visionary to write BIG FM’s success story.  His remarkable brand commitment, together with strategic vision, navigating through changing industry dynamics, constant client/listener focus, leading teams and setting them up for success and understanding of how we come together at BIG FM to execute against opportunities in a collaborative way will open up avenues for BIG FM to create newer milestones. Here is wishing Sunil all the very best in his new assignment. I am confident in the commitment and the ability of our teams to rise to this challenge and script the biggest comeback story of the Post Covid era.”

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