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Pine Labs named Vijayalakshmi Swaminathan as Chief People Officer

Vijayalakshmi Swaminathan has been named the company’s new Chief People Officer, according to Pine Labs. She comes to Pine Labs after leading the Human Resources department at Amazon India.

Viji was a founding partner at CoCoon Consulting, a cross-sectoral boutique HR consulting firm with specialty in solutions for organisational and leadership transformation and growth, prior to joining Amazon India. CoCoon has worked with organisations in Asia, Europe, and Latin America for the past 20 years. She has also worked with Unilever, where she was most recently in charge of enhancing the company’s employer brand.

Commenting on the appointment, B Amrish Rau, CEO, Pine Labs, said, “Our People are our Strength. A high-performance workforce will accelerate the progress we have made in recent years. I will also mince no words to say that we want to be seen as the ‘Employer of Choice’ for talented individuals out there who want to join Pine Labs, a company that gives an opportunity to innovate and excel. It is here that I am so thrilled to welcome Viji Swaminathan as our next HR head. I am sure her immense experience will add that spark into our HR function and help us attain newer heights in the future. I welcome her and wish her the very best.”


Vijayalakshmi Swaminathan, Chief People Officer, Pine Labs, said, “Delighted and honored to join a fintech that needs no introduction. Ably led by exemplary Leaders, the Pine Labs story is an incredible one of a truly transformative and future-focused company that responsibly drives sustainable growth. I thank Amrish for the opportunity and look forward to building on the strong foundation laid by this team to create a world-class, employee-first organisation.”

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