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Symphony Ropes-in Harbhajan Singh and Shikhar Dhawan for AI-led Campaign

Symphony Limited has enlisted the help of cricketers Harbhajan Singh and Shikhar Dhawan for a groundbreaking AI-led national initiative. For over 2,300 stores throughout India, the brand has worked with ReAI to generate hyper-personalized video films. This is the first time a brand has used artificial intelligence to start geo-targeting for each retailer in the consumer durables business. In the videos, India’s most famous cricketers thank dealers for their unwavering support and efforts to provide excellent customer service.

Symphony has also given a letter of recognition, a certificate, and other treats as a token of appreciation in addition to the personalised movies. The brand has taken this idea a step further by recognising the efforts of their business partners.

Commenting on the initiative, Anuj Arora, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Symphony Limited says, “We are ecstatic to have partnered with reputed cricketers Harbhajan Singh, and Shikhar Dhawan. They came on board to create AI driven customized videos for our dealership partners who are an integral part of our company. The objective is to create brand love and deepen the bonding with our trade partners. We are consistently brainstorming and innovating to come up with intriguing campaigns. With this initiative, we hope to strengthen our relationships and reach new heights together.”

Speaking on the collaboration, Harbhajan Singh says, “I am honored to be a part of this initiative spearheaded by Symphony Ltd. There are multiple layers of processes and teams to make a brand successful and achieve the goal of sales. Taking a note of the work of trade partners and their efforts is an excellent way to acknowledge their contribution. Homegrown brands in India are doing a fantastic job and ensuring a good turnaround! I wish Symphony the best for their stellar work!” 

Speaking on the collaboration, Shikhar Dhawan commented, “I am delighted to be a part of this novel initiative. I am really impressed with the clutter-breaking concept that the Symphony team has come up with! The campaign aims to promote the local businessmen and acknowledge their work. I am sure the dealers will like this gesture and continue to do the excellent work that they have been doing. I wish homegrown brands like Symphony evolve and reach great heights.”

Nisheeth Lahoti, the co-founder at Rephrase.AI mentions, “Generating AI videos with 2 big stars and a compelling narrative was a fresh challenge for us – however, seeing the commitment of the brand to build something for the distributor network was compelling. created a digital avatar that cloned the face and voice of the cricketer and use AI to generate a unique video for more than 2000 stakeholders.”

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