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Platinum’s Season of Love Campaign Highlights the Importance of Putting Love First

Platinum Guild International (PGI) India announces the of launch of its signature annual retail activation– Platinum Season of Love, a month-long initiative from 6th May 2022 to 5th June 2022. Emboldened by the immense success of its previous editions, this fifth edition of Platinum Season of Love, brings together all 3 brands of platinum to celebrate choosing love first as we move forward onto the future. The campaign comes alive through three compelling narratives starring popular faces who resonate with the campaign’s core thought.

Platinum Season of Love will include the participation of 1400+ retailers across the country as they usher in the summer season, brimming with celebratory events, special occasions and weddings. It aims to capture consumer demand, inspire confidence amongst the retail partners in this year of resurgence for all. With a curated collection of exquisitely crafted platinum jewellery pieces across Platinum Evara, Men of Platinum and Platinum Love Bands, this retail initiative will serve as a catalyst to boost platinum jewellery growth and sales during this period.

The pandemic led consumers to make drastic personal changes and reassess their values, lifestyles and goals. To reconsider what is truly important in their lives and choose accordingly. It’s an imprint that they are not willing to let go of. Precious jewellery fits in as a symbol of love, commitment, values and platinum with its intrinsic qualities serves as the ideal marker of emotionally significant milestones. The thought for this campaign taps into this sentiment of making choices to put what onevalues at the centre of their actions, lauding those who armed with lessons of the past now choose differently.  They choose to put love first, as a way of life. Choosing what’s important over what’s always urgent, who we have over what we have, self-love and acceptance over the race to fit in or win.

This core message is perfectly encapsulated in the narrative of the three captivating digital films. The first film stars actor Angad Bedi and showcases him choosing and placing love and what he holds precious over the dogged blind chase of material success.  The second film features South Indian actress and influencer Nabha Natesh as she celebrates herself and chooses self-love.  The third film features celebrity couple Ishita Dutta and Vatsal Seth, as they remember the various relationship milestones and special moments where they chose their love above all else.  Each film offers a glimpse into the life of the protagonists and showcases their remarkable journey while capturing those seemingly ordinary, yet poignant moments from their lives, where they choose what truly matters to them and hold it as their north star as they move forward.

Speaking about the film Actor, Angad Bedi said, “Life has a way to surprise you with its constantly changing trajectory. I’ve had more than my fair share of success and failure, but the only thing that stayed constant and continues to guide me is my choice to always place love and what I truly value above everything else. Coming out of a crisis like the pandemic only reinforces this decision, hence this film for Platinum Season Of Love resonated with me.”

Commenting on the campaign, actor and influencer, Nabha Natesh stated, “For young women today there can’t be a bigger message than self-love, acceptance and growth. The need to nurture and invest in oneself is critical, more so given the pressure that societal norms and rituals impose. Self-love continues to empower me to embrace myself with all my quirks, passions, failings and flaws. Inflection points like the crisis brought this sentiment and its importance to the fore front and hopefully we are all now making choices without forgetting this important aspect.”

Commenting on their relationship, Ishita Dutta Sheth & Vatsal Sheth expressed, “Before the quest for stardom, ego tussles, stubborn preferences, and cultural differences, we have always chosen to put our love first. Choosing love first has enabled us to overcome some of the toughest challenges and achieve some of the hardest wins!But it can sometimes be a tough choice and making it even when it seems tough is what makes our love truly rare, it makes it platinum”

Speaking on the overall Platinum Season of Love Campaign, Sujala Martis, Consumer Marketing Director, PGI India said, “After any crisis it is common to experience a greater appreciation for life, for relationships, values that count, for what one really needs & should focus on. While we will grow beyond the pandemic think there are critical shifts it created, and we will always remember them. Platinum Season of Love Campaign is built on one such premise as we notice our young consumers begin to reconsider their choices so as to prioritize what matters most to them. As they reevaluate certain decisions based on personal care, growth and development. Yet these choices are not always easy to make and count as moments that are personally and emotionally significant, that’s where platinum comes in celebrating& marking these moments with jewellery that is truly rare and precious.”

Mukund Olety, Chief Creative Officer, VMLY&R, said, “At their heart, these films evocatively celebrate love and the choice to put it first, through the life stories of the influencers. Somewhere, they reflect the choices all of us are striving to make – choices that may be tough but are deeply rewarding. That’s what makes them truly relatable and worthy of being celebrated with platinum.”

Platinum Season of Love while seeing a strong retail drive is also supported by Digital, and PR across markets to ensure high visibility. Being a category-fronted initiative, Season of Love 2022 will straddle all 3 platinum jewellery categories, Platinum Days of Love – the couple bands offering, Men of Platinum- the offering for men and Evara – placed in the women’s segment.

The Platinum Season of Love curated collection is available across all leading jewellery retail stores across the country.


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