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Locus named Ranadheer Velamuri as Senior Vice President of Engineering

Ranadheer Velamuri has been named Senior Vice President – Engineering at Locus, an order-to-delivery dispatch management platform that addresses logistics difficulties and enables simple process automation. Locus will revamp its technical team under his supervision in order to build and improve its cutting-edge, enterprise-ready solutions for excellence in last-mile logistics.

Velamuri has more than 20 years of expertise establishing technology and technology teams for companies in the logistics, advertising, retail, e-commerce, and data industries. He formerly worked at Tesco’s retail division, where he established the fulfilment infrastructure, bringing in new customer propositions and overhauling current systems. Velamuri is a seasoned technology leader who has established and led teams that have built product platforms from the ground up and implemented technology refreshes for major corporations.

Nishith Rastogi, Founder and CEO of Locus, said, “Ranadheer’s unparalleled understanding of the technology ecosystem, his exemplary approach to product engineering, scaling and differentiation, and his impeccable track record for building and leading world-class tech teams make him an ideal fit for Locus. We are delighted to have Rana join us as we continue to innovate and solve for increasingly complex logistics use-cases for the last-mile. His leadership will be invaluable for Locus to accomplish ever larger milestones on its hyper-growth journey.”

Ranadheer Velamuri, Senior Vice President – Engineering, Locus, said, “It has been an exhilarating few months at Locus. Working with business teams across four continents and on a diverse set of logistics use-cases has come with a steep, but exciting learning curve. Growing and developing the technology team to continue differentiating Locus’ unique IP in dispatch management and route optimization has been a fulfilling proposition and opportunity.”

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