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Rajasthan Royals And Schneider Electric To Host Ipl 2022 Season’s First Carbon Neutral Cricket Match

Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation and IPL franchise Rajasthan Royals today announced bringing a one-of-its kind sustainable match to the cricket lovers. Rajasthan Royals pledged to be a Green Yodha and play a pivotal role in transforming cricket into an environment friendly game. A typical IPL Cricket match emits approximately 10,000 tons of CO2 equivalent, and Schneider Electric will offset this carbon footprint generated during Rajasthan Royals’ match with Delhi Capitals on May 11th, 2022 by planting approximately 17,000 trees.

GreenYodha is a sustainability initiative by Schneider Electric that aims to build a team of conscious citizens, organisations and businesses to unite in adopting collective climate friendly actions and solutions.

Given the popularity and the viewership of cricket across the globe there has been a significant increase in the carbon footprint over the years. Numerous power consumption increases by fans and teams has resulted in the increase in carbon emissions. Rajasthan Royals with the vision of ‘Transforming Society through Cricket’, with a focus on sustainable practices has partnered with Schneider Electric to reduce this carbon footprint with an exemplary step of a carbon neutral match.

Ranjit Barthakur, Chairperson, Rajasthan Royals, said, “Over time, cricket has served as an institution which has made a positive impact on society at large, and given our purpose at the Royals of ‘transforming society through cricket and cricket through innovation’, we are proud to be taking up the Green Yodha pledge with Schneider Electric. Our aim through this extraordinary association is to educate our fans around the globe about environmental issues while also encouraging them to be climate conscious. While this tree plantation drive is just the start, our far-reaching aim is to constantly help support our friends at Schneider with finding ways to create a sustainable future for the society using cricket as the vehicle.”

Anil Chaudhry, MD & CEO, Schneider Electric India and Zone president, Greater India said, “I have always been a cricket fan and look forward to viewing the game with great enthusiasm. However, I am also conscious of the carbon emission that is linked with all cricket matches. Today as we are grappling with the biggest challenge of climate change, I felt that cricket viewing needs to pleasurable as well as responsible. Through our partnership with Rajasthan Royals, we want to show billions of people, viewing this match, that cricket can go green and be sustainable. And I am hopeful this will lead way for our homes, businesses, and daily lives to be sustainable in future. I congratulate Rajasthan Royals on becoming Green Yodha.”

Knowledge partners C-Balance and Nangia Andersen LLP were brought on board for this initiative. They calculated the carbon footprint of the match and offered the offset strategy for neutralizing the carbon emissions, respectively. Schneider Electric will be working with multiple agencies to undertake the plantation in the next six months and efforts will be taken to sequester this CO2 emission over a period of 30 years by planting 17000 trees, making this match carbon neutral by 2052. Avoiding and reducing climate pollution is the only means to meet International Climate Change Agreements to limit global heating to 1.50C.

Whether on-field or off-field, every little action impacts our environment in the form of carbon footprint. Cricket being the most loved sport in our country, this partnership will steer the much-needed conversation of amalgamating sustainability with sports.

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