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Avalara named Ee Lyn Khoo as Chief People Officer

Ee Lyn Khoo has been named as the new chief people officer of Avalara, Inc., a cloud-based tax compliance automation service for organisations of all kinds. Human resources, talent management and acquisition, diversity and inclusion, learning and development, total incentives, including remuneration and benefits, and organisational development are among her responsibilities.

Ee Lyn comes to Avalara with two decades of experience in human resources and diversity, equity, and inclusion. She has worked for multinational organisations such as Amazon and General Mills in human resource leadership roles. Ee Lyn most recently worked at Redfin as the company’s chief people officer.

“Ee Lyn is a talented human resources leader who has led and scaled employee programs for global technology companies,” said Scott McFarlane, CEO and co-founder of Avalara. “People are critical to Avalara’s global growth strategy. Her deep experience leading global people and culture programs and creating a welcoming and inclusive culture will support Avalara’s one-of-a-kind workplace experience and enable our continued growth around the world.”

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