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Vadilal awards OOH media business to Connect OOH & Publicity Parlour

Connect OOH and Publicity Parlour have been awarded Vadilal Group’s OOH media business. The month-long pitch process was won by presenting the company’s exclusive planning tools, extensive data and analytics, and technological capabilities. Vadilal’s OOH media, strategy, planning, procurement, negotiation, and implementation would be managed by the agencies. Vadilal is striving to expand its presence not just in general trade, but also in modern trade, e-commerce, and on-demand delivery in the future.

Discussing the thoughts behind the campaign, Aakansha Gandhi, Brand Director, Marketing and Strategy, The Vadilal Group, said, Outdoor in an important recall media to deliver a strong, robust and integrated marketing campaign and we had invited agencies for a pitch this time. The selection criteria’s were based on the approach that we were showed to us and how technology has simplified the complex OOH market through planning the campaign with multiple data layering, understanding of target audience and their movement, ad tech platform which is never seen before. We appointed Connect OOH and Publicity Parlour as our outdoor partners as they made us understand how OOH as an industry has evolved. They helped our brand with ideal mix of media assets basis the impact or coverage through data driven planning. “Besides traditional OOH, we have also included a few DOOH sites and some interesting innovations which are done by the agency, added Akansha Gandhi.

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