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CleverTap named Honey Bajaj as SVP & Global Chief of Consumer Experience

CleverTap, the premier retention cloud, has recruited Honey Bajaj as SVP and Global Chief of Consumer Experience to its core leadership team. Bajaj will lead CleverTap’s broad programme to help businesses redefine customer experience and realise the “Art of Possible” in this role.

Bajaj is a design strategist, innovator, and social entrepreneur who has worked extensively in India and the United States. Her ability to solve problems and recognise patterns in human behaviour has earned her numerous honours, including being named an Innovation Global Shaper and Inventor of the Year (2016). She holds a Master’s degree in Engineering and Management as well as a Master’s degree in Sustainability Studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is now working on her Ph.D. in Digital Design and Innovation Methodologies.

Honey established an innovation pipeline for many Fortune 500 organisations before joining the CleverTap Leadership Team, including Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures, Disney, Microsoft Research, MIT Media Lab, and Tata Group, one of India’s largest and most lucrative conglomerates. She orchestrated product introductions and go-to-market strategies using extensive market segmentation frameworks based on buying behaviour.

“As we scale CleverTap into a global category creator for “Retention Cloud”, we realize that our customers are eager to co-create experiences that will fuel growth and the future of their own digital businesses. For this reason, we are expanding our leadership team with a new appointment that benefits the most important stakeholder: our customers’ customers,” Vikrant Chowdhary, CleverTap Chief Growth Officer, explains.

“From fintech to ecommerce, and from on-demand Super Apps to media and streaming services, companies need the inspiration and tangible examples of the “Art of Possible” to unleash human-centered design thinking, unlock new perspectives and drive powerful momentum and positive results for all stakeholders.” This outcome, he continues, is “inextricably linked with our customers’ abilities to realize and hyper-personalize omnichannel journeys for their customers.”

“I have always focused on designing for impact and inventing for scale by contextualizing tech for the consumers. The truth is, no matter what we think we’re doing, we are all in the customer-experience business. Before you can accomplish it, you need to envision it. The digital behavior and expectations of customers is evolving faster than most industries are able to deliver.I am looking forward to my journey with CleverTap to embed human-centered principles and design thinking into a series of initiatives and programs,” Honey Bajaj says. “These efforts will allow digital-first companies to co-create and simulate digital journeys that will fuel growth through superior customer experience and will enable CleverTap’s customers to realize their consumer journeys in a more seamless and contextual manner as the lines of the digital and omnichannel world are no longer separated.”

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