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Manyavar rolls out new campaign ‘Naye Rishte Naye Vaade’ featuring Kartik Aaryan

Manyavar, India’s largest celebration wear company, has released a new commercial for its ‘Naye Rishte Naye Vaade’ campaign, which stars Bollywood sensation Kartik Aaryan. The video shows how the groom, Kartik Aaryan, is considerate and responsible towards his bride, and how he has assisted her on multiple times, and how he is looking forward to the next chapter of his life with her.

The video sends a strong message that ‘dressing up for a wedding isn’t enough,’ and that being mentally prepared to spend the rest of your life with your partner is just as vital. Kartik Aaryan is shown in the film not only wearing striking outfits from Manyavar’s bridal collection, but also assisting and comforting his fiancée with different nuptials such as carrying her lehenga as she enters the house or removing her heels when she gets tired of dancing in them. The video conveys over a crucial message that new relationships can be favourably established through efforts and unity, using a completely different way.

“At Manyavar, we have always believed in progressive communication. Through this new film, our aim is to send across the message of embracing new relationships. With Kartik Aaryan, we are confident that he will have an impeccable connect with our audiences.” said Vedant Modi, CMO, Vedant Fashions Limited.

Adding to the thought, Bollywood actor and one of Manyavar’s Brand Ambassadors, Kartik Aaryan shared, “I loved working with Manyavar on this campaign. The message of the campaign film is very heartfelt and I hope we were able to communicate the same with this ad film.”

“This ad embodies the fresh new spirit of relationships in today’s times, which are based on an equal footing and unconditional support.  Portrayed through 4 different situations that one encounters in a wedding ceremony, here is the Manyavar groom taking care of his life partner in beautifully surprising ways and standing by her through thick and thin. Naye Rishte Naye Vaade as the ad slogan sums up, is what our Manyavar groom is all about”, quoted Shreyansh Baid, Director at Shreyansh Innovations.

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