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Haptik named Praful Krishna as Chief Product Officer

Praful Krishna has been named Chief Product Officer of Jio Haptik Technologies Limited, one of the largest conversational AI firms and a subsidiary of Reliance Jio Platforms (CPO). Praful will lead Haptik’s strategic vision and be the driving force behind the development of the company’s product suite in his new role.

Praful has over 20 years of cross-functional experience in startups and Fortune 500 companies developing, digitising, marketing, and investing in AI and NLP-driven technologies. He was previously the Founder and CEO of Coseer, a startup that provides intelligent process automation technologies to data science teams in businesses. He worked at a hedge fund and as a consultant for McKinsey & Company before moving into the area of AI and Products. He attended IIT Bombay and Harvard Business School and is currently stays in San Francisco.

His goal with Haptik is to help businesses make the shift from the online to the conversation economy, resulting in a considerably better customer experience. He’s looking forward to making Haptik the most compelling conversational AI platform of the twenty-first century, allowing businesses to win lifelong clients.

Aakrit Vaish, Co-founder and CEO at Haptik said, “In addition to being an ex-entrepreneur, Praful has a proven record of success in both startups and large companies and his arrival marks a critical moment in Haptik’s growth journey. I am confident that under his leadership, the product will be making even further strides in solving customers’ biggest pain points across the conversational commerce journey; and accelerate our journey towards becoming a global leader in the conversational AI economy.”

Speaking on the announcement, Praful Krishna, Chief Product Officer at Haptik said, “I am super excited to join Aakrit, Swapan, and the rest of the Haptik team at such an amazing time in the company’s evolution. I truly believe Haptik is poised to be a global leader in enabling conversational commerce for brands by meeting the user wherever they are – from metaverses to phone lines – and helping them throughout their journey – from acquisition to advocacy. Haptik has already seen incredible momentum: not everyone can boast 500+ million users served with billions of interactions.”

In this role, Praful will be overseeing the product’s requirements, design, messaging, pricing, reliability, and customer engagement. Praful’s breadth of experience will be instrumental to Haptik as it evolves. He has helped drive positive changes at other companies – changes that Haptik expects to encounter in the coming years– and the team is excited to benefit from Praful’s expertise.

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