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FloBiz named 80dB Communications as its PR & communications partner

FloBiz, India’s premier neobank for small and medium-sized enterprises, has announced the appointment of 80dB Communications as its public relations and communications partner. With the goal of increasing awareness and engagement, 80dB will implement an integrated communications campaign that includes public relations, industry associations, influencer outreach, and social media. FloBiz, founded in 2019 by Rahul Raj (CEO), Aditya Naik (CBO), and Rakesh Yadav (CTO), provides SMBs with strong software tools and personalised finance services to help them expand faster. FloBiz discovered in 80dB a powerful communications partner coming in at an excellent time for creating its long-term brand identity and positioning, given its exponential development trajectory and great appreciation from more than 65 lakh+ enterprises.

FloBiz is chasing the mission of digitisation by solving the most pressing problems of the Indian SMB sector with the help of technology. The company launched its flagship product, myBillBook, in early 2020, and has enjoyed being one of the highest-rated business apps in India on the Google Play Store. With users across industries in more than 3000 cities, myBillBook has already become synonymous with business growth for SMBs by offering easy-to-use and affordable billing, inventory management and accounting solutions on both mobile and desktop applications. FloBiz has recently forayed into banking services for SMBs with the launch of Smart Collect on myBillBook.

“We are excited to work alongside 80dB Communications. The team at 80dB is well known for their creative storytelling and innovative approach. With a deep understanding of the fintech space, 80dB is well suited to collaborate with us towards strengthening our presence in the industry,” said Rahul Raj, Co-founder and CEO, FloBiz. He further added, “As we continue our journey of building a neobank for growing SMBs, our aim is to expand our reach to as many small and medium sized businesses as possible with offerings directed at solving the most critical business challenges. 80dB’s strategic go-to-market solutions will play an instrumental role in helping us achieve this.”

Speaking on the alliance, Abhilasha Padhy, Co-founder, 80dB Communications said, “We are delighted to be chosen as the strategic partner of choice by FloBiz, as it looks to embed itself further in the SMB community and amplify its solutions for them. We will be looking to combine traditional media approaches along with digital and social outreach to execute our integrated communications campaigns. Our creative and consultative methodology underpinned by relevant insights has proven to be an important contributor to our clients’ brand journey.” 

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