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MX Games adds flavour to the cricket fervor with its bouquet of cricket games

Cricket has traditionally been the most popular sport in the world. The passion around the ongoing IPL season is already high, and fans have begun to enjoy historic matches involving their favourite teams. In addition, MX Player’s Games on MX, a free-to-play gaming platform, keeps its customers entertained with a range of cricket games. Currently, the platform has six cricket-themed games from which users can pick to win interesting prizes and gems.

MX Cricket Fantasy is a popular game format that the platform provides to its customers. Users must first download the game, collect gems by watching advertisements, and then utilise these gems as an entry fee for several tournaments. Similarly, the MX Cricket Predictor game is a fun way to predict cricket matches.

Nakul Kapur, Head of International Business and Games, MX Player, stated, “Cricket is a sport that is most followed and played amongst Indians and we are diversifying the category of games that are available on our platform. We now offer different genres of games to our consumers, from card games to casual board games to prediction games. Adding Cricket games to the platform has helped us increase engagement multifold on the platform. It is the nation’s favorite game, and fans would not want to miss out on it anytime. Moreover, MX Games is a free-to-play platform, and users get rewarded for their participation. Introducing such games on the MX platform will only increase engagement and users can also have many cricket gaming and entertainment options off the field. We are also looking to scale our efforts on the tab to our entire user base.”

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