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K8 School’s New Jingle will Make you Smile and Tap your Feet

K8 School, India’s first & only accredited 100% online school, powered by Discovery Education, USA, is now becoming popular among parents and children, not just for what they are offering to children inside the classrooms, but indeed surprisingly for their new catchy commercial as well. K8 School’s new commercial looks extremely different and unique from existing videos or commercials of any other current schools.

The video was released recently on YouTube and has received great response from parents and children, with lakhs of views and many positive comments. The Chief Executive Officer of K8 School, Sharad Bhatia, when contacted, commented “We are a school like no other and we wanted to bring our first video showcase, like no other school has done. We are the most unique school of India and that is why we wanted to kind of go out to the larger world of parents and encourage them to celebrate the uniqueness of their children. That is exactly what the video is all about. And we wanted to do all of this in a very new-age format because we are a school that is preparing children for the years to come and not for the ‘years gone by‘. Honestly, we hadn’t anticipated that parents and children would love as much as they are doing it now. We are thrilled to see the response and even more motivated to keep improving as a school. I can’t thank parents and children enough for their encouragement and support.”

K8 School is India’s first and only accredited school of its kind currently serving learners from Nursery-Grade 8. In a very short span of time, K8 School has earned the trust and confidence of parents and children, not just by way of what and how they are teaching inside the classrooms, but also through credible endorsements and associations with Discovery Education, USA and Cognia, USA. Small class sizes, powerful digital learning content, ease of attending classes, individual attention to each child, lots of extracurriculars and many such offerings set the school apart from traditional and offline schools.

When asked to reflect more on what the future holds, Sharad Bhatia added, “We are changing the definition of school education in India by pushing the envelope and encouraging parents to expect more from their child’s school. So as a leader in the online school space in India, we need to constantly better our own expectations because thousands of parents and children trust us. I can say that we are working on all areas including academics, technology, interface, student-convenience, extracurriculars, life-skills and so much more. All I can promise for now is that the future is going to be very exciting. We love children and our work will prove that. K8 School is every child’s delight and every parent’s dream school for her/his child.”

Just go to K8 School website to know more. Watch the new K8 School video at

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