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Pendown Press Launches Books to Transform One’s Lives and Businesses

Post-COVID times have seen an extraordinary growth in the number of business owners, consultants and experts taking onto book writing to establish their authority. Pendown Press, India’s leading & trusted self-publishing company, launches five new books meant for intellectuals, business people and one who want to transform their lives for success, profitability and happiness.

Dinesh Verma, Founder & CEO – Pendown Press

Mr. Dinesh Verma, Founder and CEO, Pendown Press, said,“These books are written by people who are expert in their respective field and therefore the impact of the book would be greater. Reading of these books could revolutionize the way one does business. Pendown Press wishes that these books’ message reaches the maximum number of readers and helps humankind by equipping them with the latest trends and knowledge of various fields. The information, tools, tips, techniques and hacks shared in these books are priceless and will impact the readers forever.”

1. The book “The Lazy Mans Guide to Financial Freedom” by Bachat Guru Tejinder Singh Mokha is a step-by sure shot guide to wealth creation that everyone must possess.

In this book, he shares all his lifes learning and secrets of wealth creation in a doable and straightforward manner so that everyone can speed up their financial freedom without making costly mistakes.

Anyone from any background can read this book and implement it for the best results. This book will teach readers the science of picking the best financial products without being dependent upon others.

Everyone should pick up this book to take complete control over their financial future.

2. “Cable Insulation Measurement Secrets Revealed” by Pawan Wadhawan, a Gold medalist engineer with 15+ years of solving measurement challenges,is a book that will help cable manufacturers break the cycle of eroding margins and increase profitability.

It will show them how to leverage the new schemes announced by the government in the infrastructure sector. This book reveals the comprehensive secrets to reducing insulation costs by measuring precisely while complying with every domestic and international standard.

Pawan shares critical secrets to eliminate rejections and reduce workforce dependence to improve quality. No cable manufacturer can afford to miss this book.

3. “How to plan a Money Printing Rice Mill” by successful business owner Amit Agarwal is a complete road map for new rice millers to avoid costly mistakes and save tons of money.

This book truly lives up to its title by teaching readers how to start and run an immensely successful profit-generating rice mill bypassing all the common mistakes that newcomers make.

It shares complete guidelines for mistake-proof profitable planning, better task management, and calculating exact ROI to ensure the rice-mill projects profitability.

4.Beads at Play Genius on the Wayby Dr. Gaurav Mittal CEO and Founder of Cognito Abacus Private Limited, a next generation abacus education company with strong emphasis on quality, e-learning tools, is a miraculous book that contains all the information that is worth knowing about the abacus program.

The book gives parents detailed information about the benefits, the right age, the science behind, the correct methodology, and the best practices associated with the abacus program. It will help them make the right decision as a parent or as an enterprising individual.

The book will assist individuals to comprehend entrepreneurial opportunities to nurture the next generation with a flexible schedule.

5. ”Live it Up” by popular YouTuber and motivational speaker Poonam Kalra is a miraculous

book that impacts every life 360 degrees. Unlike other books that focus on one area of life, this book shares how to create a balanced life to live in complete harmony.

Written by an inspiring woman who has held age hostage, this book shows readers how to live their best life, stress-free no matter their age, gender or station in life. In between the covers, the book is filled with priceless secrets of health & nutrition, success & wealth, mental health & peace, relationships and personality development.

A complete motivational guide, the book offers priceless nuggets on confidence-building, effective communication, and personal grooming & styling.

At the Launch, Mr. Dinesh Verma, Founder and CEO, Pendown Press, said, “I am a big fan of using book to work for business as purest and most cost effective marketing tool. I strongly believes that when you write & launch your book, you release your genie from the lamp. Now it will make you an authority, build your credibility, do PR and help increase sales & profit. Each of the books launched today is filled with practical lessons to transform our lives and businesses for phenomenal success and happiness. I am sure people will share countless success stories with us once they read and apply these books to their lives.”

About Pendown Press

Pendown Press is an independent publishing house functioning under the dynamic leadership of Dinesh Verma, the publisher of the life-altering books mentioned above.

Besides being a publisher, he is an eminent author, publishing coach, book strategist and social worker of repute. Some of his books have been selected by the Government of India to be displayed at various International Book Fairs globally. Being a compassionate and ambitious publishing consultant and book strategist, he transforms millions of lives by inspiring people to convert their thoughts into books.

Recognizing his meritorious works, he has been conferred with several awards and is often appreciated with heartfelt testimonials from people whose lives he continues to impact.

You can get a copy of these books from our authorized vendors as well as from Amazon.

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