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More Attractive Betting Opportunities with Parimatch Exchange Unveiled

Parimatch announces the launch of the betting Exchange, an online platform widely popular as a new type of betting in i-gaming. Users get more ways to bet and win accordingly, thanks to the huge variety of bets on the new markets. Bets’ acceptance speed and other features are impressive. PMI, a service company engaged in the development and implementation of the expansion strategy for Parimatch, announced the new initiation and is all set to witness the ascent of the gaming sector in the country.

Parimatch announces the launch of the betting Exchange

Parimatch Exchange is a unique platform offering a mix of traditional and general betting. It enhances betting effectiveness and efficiency in a number of ways. One can choose a bet from the list to bet against another person. There is a particularly attractive feature that one can lay a bet and offer one’s own higher coefficient, but it must be backed and matched by another player.

Users get high rates and more transparency in the number of people and the sum of the bet, in displaying the sums laid on the event, and the turnover is always visible. Exchange makes it possible for clients to make higher bets if there is another person willing to bet. Due to the combination of classical and online betting, the Parimatch Exchange platform is more attractive and efficient for betting as Layers and Backers have their bets matched faster by matching both sides. Bettors have improved opportunities and valuable experience using the Parimatch Exchange. Also, it lets clients bet against each other (if the event happens or not) once they agree on the sum of the bet. The main principle of its work is based on that of the stock exchange. Customers bet odds on various sports events worldwide (games, tournaments, etc.).

What are the advantages of Parimatch Exchange
More efficient betting because users can offer higher coefficients and higher bets if the bet is backed/supported.

Fancy is represented by very attractive options for betting. It is a market odd, its a betting exchange where the betor needs to find a person to back the bet, it’s about bet-bet playing. Another way of fancy consists in the possibility of laying a bet for the team/player winning or losing in a particular kind of sport. This betting is only about the “yes/no” option. This option doesn’t allow establishing betor’s own coefficient and has some restrictions. Market odd lets people bet…

More attractive betting Layers and Backers will have their bets matched much easier and faster. Small payment rates means that only winning bets pay a very small fee, so margin isn’t incorporated into the price anymore.

Responsible gambling for everyone The company takes care of its users and makes gambling responsible for everyone. It helps to manage the amount of money that is spent. A budget calculator is a special tool created to keep track of all financial activities and to calculate and manage a persons financial situation confidentially (transaction history, monthly spending on gambling, etc.).

How do users benefit from the new Exchange
Parimatch grants its clients safe and risk-free online betting on its platform. Thus, the betting is confidential as clients don’t know their real names. It is done to ensure our players safety and security, so that they feel protected. Exchange enables In-play betting as it is a place where one can bet while the events are taking place, even after the beginning of the event. Users have better chances with this reliable betting Exchange in terms of transparency, odds, and catchy experience. Better choices are definitely associated with more players and better chances to win. The tool ensures clients’ flexibility as it makes bet matching, trading, making a profit, and getting money back easier.

Powered by Parimatch, this tool offers new features and enhances betting. It has changed global gambling dramatically while rendering reliable services and responsible attitudes. An enormous number of bets on the Exchange contribute to establishing fair prices as market pricing is defined by many people. The Exchange helps bettors and like-minded people feel comfortable and unlimited with betting in the user-friendly environment and gives more chances to win.

About Parimach
Parimatch is the world-leading betting company founded in 1994 which employs a digital-focused strategy to meet all the challenges of todays reality. The company has come a long way and is continuously developing and improving the quality of its customer experience, which is enjoyed by over 2.6 million users across Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Parimatchs team of champions includes such stars as Conor McGregor, the living legend of boxing Mike Tyson and Dale Willem Steyn, one of the greatest bowlers of all time. It also includes partnerships with one of the most famous football leagues in the world, such as LaLiga, as well as with the biggest teams in the world: Chelsea, Juventus, Leicester City and Everton.

About PMI
PMI is a service company, engaged in the development and implementation of the expansion strategy for the Parimatch brand in the markets of Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. The company provides the tech, marketing, and communications services for partners in the betting industry. Innovations, new technologies, and the desire to provide the best gaming experience for the customers are what drives PMI forward.

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