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Maha Yagyam by Yagyamurthy Dadasshrie for World Peace and Prosperity

DIYA (Dadasshrie International Yagyam Astu) Foundation, founded by Yagyamurthy Dadasshrie, is a spiritual organisation promoting the ancient tradition of performing Yagya. Our goal is to encourage everyone to conduct Yagya as a daily ritual. Our aim is “Ghar Ghar Yagyam” which means “Perform Yagyam in every household“.

Maha Yagyam for World Peace and Prosperity

As part of its mass outreach program, DIYA Foundation is organising “Maha Yagyam“, a grand spiritual event under the tutelage of Yagyamurthy Dadasshrie, on 26th & 27th of March, 2022 at Princess Shrine, Palace Grounds, Bengaluru.

Maha Yagyam is a unique and never-before-performed Yagyam that offers excellent physical and spiritual benefits in abundance. Maha Yagyam, devised by Yagyamurthy Dadasshrie, is a combination of 5 great Yagyams prescribed by sacred Vedas.

The 5 Yagyams performed are:

Shri Gana Homa – Life is full of obstacles. We all wish to have seamless life. Our Seers of the Vedic Lore gifted us with this Homa that connects us with Lord Ganesha who is all pervasive in the form of Vishwambhara, a unique form of Vishnu, to remove all our obstacles.

Shri Maha Mrutyunjaya Homa – Everyone wants to live a complete life that is soaked in bliss. This Homa is designed by our Seers to facilitate the life with Ananda (bliss), Aarogya (health) and Aishwarya (wealth) by channelizing the grace of MahaShiva whose indweller is Sri Lakshmi Narasimha, the fierce yet finest boon giver.

Pratyangira Homa – It spreads positive vibrations around and gives Protection from enemies evil eye and black magic, Removes the influences of negative and evil forces, Good for the welfare of the family, Removes obstacles, Cures diseases. Pratyangira Homa is performed when you are being surrounded by negative energy.

Shri Sudharshana Homa – This Homa equips the doer with the power of Disc a unique weapon of Sri Narayana that destroys all ill-effects that we get by virtue of living amidst many negative forces and paves way for a delightful life.

Shri Makahalakshmi Homa – The Purest Infinite Potentiality has a permanent consort called MahaLakshmi. It is critical to invoke MahaLakshmi to get Narayana’s grace fully.

All the above Yagyas are interlinked. Performing all of them makes the life complete in all respects.

Apart from the Homas we will also have Palodhaka Abhishekam – A scared ritual of hydrating the diety with 1008 Coconuts. This sacred ritual releases divine Energies and Elevates your spiritual consciousness.

Initiatives of DIYA Foundation

Gow Seva

I can be worshipped within the Cows by offerings of grass and other suitable grains and paraphernalia for the pleasure & health of the Cows,” Srimad Bhagavatam 11.11.43.


SEVA supports communities with know-how and skills in the selected areas of social and economic improvement. Progress in agriculture, education, health, environment and skill development are critical to progress.


Annadanam is a sacred offering of food to thousands of sanyasis, brahmacharis, residents, and volunteers at DIYA Foundation

Eye Surgery

The problem of avoidable blindness rapidly escalating remained a major cause of concern in the Indian healthcare scenario


Project GreenHands is an environmental revolution of an inspired public that aims to increase the green cover of an entire state, restoring soil health and healing the impact of climate change.

About Dadasshrie

1 visionary. 100s of pilgrimage to holy abode of Kailas Manas Sarovar. 8,000 Yagyas performed. 1.25 billion Beneficiaries as Yagyakartas. This is Yagyamurthy Dadasshrie in nutshell.Living by his commitment “Life is Yagya. Karma is Yagya” Dadasshrie is not only a dreamer but also an achiever par excellence.

Dadasshrie is highly inspired by Srimad BhagawadGita and its important teachings such as “Karmanyeva Adhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana” (You have the authority to perform a karma but not on its results) and “Yogah Karmasu Kaushalam” (strive for achieving Yoga which makes you skilful in the art of performing righteous karma). He wants to impart the spiritual knowledge that he gained from his selfless deeds.

Dadasshrie is an erudite scholar in Yagyakriya, Astrology, Numerology and Vastu Shastra. His teachings and predictions have helped millions of people across the globe to seek refuse in Sanatana Dharma and in Yagya.

We might have only heard or read about Ashwamedha Yagya, Rajasuya Yagya etc. in discourses and scriptures. But Yagyamurthy Dadasshrie performed these complex Yagyams with utmost dedication and meticulous planning. He is the only Yagyakarta to perform these great ancient Yagyas.

The vision of Dadasshrie is to inspire every Sanatan Sadhak to undertake the performance of Yagya on a daily basis. The mission of Dadasshrie is “Ghar Ghar Yagyamwhich means ( Perform Yagyam in every household).

DIYA Foundation team lead by able and charismatic Shri. Shankar Srinivas is very confident of drawing huge attention of the youth to the event & successfully spreading awareness about yagyam for world peace, health and prosperity.

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