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Game Changing Innovation in the World of Battery Charging Technology by 6 Times President Awardee Sushant Pattnaik

If you want to charge your smartphone in 1 second or want to charge your new EV within 5-10 minutes then I guess you should be using my battery,”Sushant Pattnaik Gets Excited Talking About His Latest Innovation, His Fast Charging Battery!

Sushant Pattnaik

Your mobile phone is your life today, but fast draining battery and long hours of charging your phone is a universal problem these days. It is not only restricted to your phone, in fact this problem goes to all your electronic equipment, be it your favourite apple watch or any other device. This 200-billion-dollar market size covers all day to day technical equipment we use for our easier lifestyle or workplace. Yet, there is very little that has happened in the battery space. Even today high end smartphone markets 45 minutes as the super-fast charging phone. But now we have a faster solution…!

6 times President awardee Sushant Pattnaik has invented a battery that charges in less than a minute. This is one of the revolutionary leap in terms of technology for our fast forward life. Sushant have used proprietary technology fusing the combination of various hybrid compounds. This patent pending product is based on hybrid compounds and other material inside the battery. As of now, he has achieved two form factor batteries, first one is 1200 mah, which will 100% charge in 2 to 3 minutes, another 5000 mah that will charge 80-85% in 5 minutes.

Sushant says that, “We have infused 5000 mah battery in a customised in-built 100 W charger power bank. Our next step is, we are creating 1000 units of Capattery Power Banks and will do beta launch as part of pilot testing. As of now he is developing this technology at an undisclosed place somewhere in USA.”

Sushant admits that definitely challenges where there when they started working on the battery project in 2020. At the beginning they were hit by COVID and the subsequent lockdown. It became difficult for them to procure raw material for their R&D. Since most of their materials were imported the lock down made their progress tougher. To counter this situation, he started developing some of the elements to be used in the battery at various labs outside India and then assemble those elements in their product here in India. Obviously, they had to go through many experiments, lots of trial and error till they found the right combination for their battery.

Since the start of the project Sushant understood that for the kind of battery he wants to develop has to have CLEAN CHEMICAL REACTION in its compound. Once he gets that then only he can expect the battery to charge fast rapid charging. To attain this, they mixed some compound and used the funnel technology. Their battery started absorbing high power immediately and they also observed clean chemical reaction taking place inside the battery.

So they realised finally they have been able to develop a battery using various amalgams and compounds which is able to conduct fast charging and high power. They have achieved a major breakthrough and working on further development like how to make it more cost effective with more compact design. Also they are trying to make it more reliable by introducing various new compounds so that they can take it to the public by starting mass production.

Presently they have made their battery with a capacity of 1200 mah and 5000 mah so that it can be used in power banks. Right now it is at the pilot stage and they are also working on making the battery enabled for smartphones and various other electronic gadgets. In future they plan to charge a smart phone within seconds! This battery has tremendous potential for EV’s, their target is to fully charge a vehicle within 5-10 minutes. Ultimate aim is you should spend the same or less amount of time at a battery charging station for your EV that you used to normally spend at a gas station for your fuel driven vehicle.

Sushant has always been passionate about innovation since he was a kid, he started researching at an early age to make life interesting. He would hack and break electronic gadgets like cell phones, iPods and would redesign them in an innovative way. He usually didn’t get any technical support or help to complete his projects, but still he always dreamt to contribute in the world of technology. He has started from the 5th standard made changes in electronic remote control car. The most ordinary and common people usually perform something very extraordinary and uncommon. Sushant Pattnaik is one such young lad who hails from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. He is a serial inventor, serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker and has been awarded the President’s award six times. While still in his teens, Sushant became one of the youngest speakers to have spoken at TED-India. Today, he is no more the wonder-kid of the block, but rather a social tech entrepreneur that the world is both inspired by and in awe of. Sushant is also helping the unsupported inventors by taking their creations to the next level.

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