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AXA in India Boosts Telemedicine Helpline with Free Specialist Teleconsultation Feature

To support its aim of expanding health and protection across all its geographies, notably through innovative services, AXA has added a free specialist teleconsultation feature to its telemedicine CSR initiative SAATH (Supportive Action Across Telemedicine and Healthcare).

SAATH – Supportive Action Across Telemedicine and Healthcare

SAATH is a ‘One AXA‘ public health initiative between AXA France Vie, AXA GO Business Operations, and AXA XL; and provides free general and specialist consultation to more than 25 crore people in four states in India: Delhi, Haryana, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

Dr. Alfred Beil, AXA’s Group Chief Medical Officer, (PhD. in cancer research) commented, “Prevention is underestimated; it stops a disease from becoming cost consuming and life threatening. Prevention can be achieved through technology-aided healthcare like SAATH which will eventually save lives.”

SAATH offers specialists in five areas: Dermatology, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Orthopedics and Oncology. Dr. V.K. Paul, a member of Niti Aayog, commended on the helpline, describing it as, “Telemedicine is now a way of life in the context of COVID-19 across the world and particularly in India.”

Ms. Odette Cesari, Head of Business Development at AXA Life and Health International Solutions, added, “It is a fantastic tool that adds to other impactful initiatives. Health has always been a high priority for AXA in all geographies. It is our mission as a major insurance company to contribute positively to society.”

The introduction of specialists will help to provide relevant expert consultation for critical health issues, especially to the vulnerable.

Mr. Ankur Nijhawan, CEO of AXA France Vie India Reinsurance branch, said, “With women, children and the elderly being our key concerns, specialist care will have a significant impact on communities in India. This has all been made possible through the combined efforts of all the AXA entities in India, our NGO partner SEWA International, our technology partners Paramba Foundation and our tech-based cancer care provider Karkinos Healthcare.”

Mr. Derek Nazareth, Head of Global Operations and Country Head for AXA XL in India, commented, “Supporting local communities in India through our CSR activities continues to be a priority for AXA XL in India. SAATH gave us the opportunity to help those families most in need, ensuring they get access to the healthcare they require, and the addition of medical specialists will further enhance an already important initiative.”

Mr. Sebastien Legrand, India Head – AXA GO Business Operations, shared his thoughts, “In the last few months, I have seen SAATH support our communities beyond expectations. My belief in our association with the project is further strengthened by the far-reaching impact it has managed to create. Given the current state of COVID-19 in the country and with the addition of these specialized services, SAATH will help to extend improved healthcare to a wider section of society. Our commitment to society is strengthened, with real-time access to relevant information and the subsequent enhanced reach of different medical services across the country.”

SAATH now offers teleconsultation from general practitioners, nutritionists, and specialists from five areas of medicine. Prepared to take on any spike in COVID-19 numbers in India, the helpline is also armed with real-time information of medical resources available to all its callers, free of charge.

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