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LivLong named Apurv Singh as Head of Marketing

Apurv Singh has joined LivLong as the brand’s new Head of Marketing. He will be in charge of the brand’s overall marketing and communication initiatives. Apurv will effectively modernise marketing and advertising techniques to meet the post-pandemic era of digital and conventional media, based on his demonstrated skills.

Over the course of his expert adventure, Apurv has effectively accumulated his fame as a star leader in communication, with appropriate experience dealing with marketing communication for the nation’s most prominent MNCs. He has worn many hats with equal ease and demonstrated his superiority in each field. His experience includes founding, growing, and scaling a variety of direct-to-consumer enterprises. He is also knowledgeable about enterprise technology, media advocacy, and analyst relations.

In addition, Apurv has worked with a broad array of corporate brands and profiles, which has eventually shaped his professional persona.

Expressing his excitement on boarding this new journey with LivLong, Apurv Singh shared, “It is a great honour to be associated with this brand. I hope to bring more growth to the company with my knowledge in marketing.”

Apurv also said that he looks forward to giving LivLong a marketing and advertising boost so that the company paces in the post-pandemic era.

Apurv Singh worked with Times Internet during the primordial days of some of the apps of Times internet in his previous role. Adding a notable impact to his professional journey is his time with the digitalization of Big Bazaar as E-commerce & Digital Marketing Lead.

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