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Tring, On Track to do 1 Lakh Personalised Celebrity Videos Monthly

About 22 months ago in March 2020, when Tring (India’s largest celebrity engagement platform) launched, if anyone would have said that it would have 10,000 celebrities with more than 100,000 cumulative orders on the platform in under 2 years, not many would have paid attention! But fast forward to January 2022, Tring is today delivering over 30,000 monthly video messages from over 10,000 celebrities having grown 75x in the past 12 months with exemplary business numbers. However, envisioning this and putting together a robust business model backed by solid leadership and a compelling proposition, that resonates with each of the company’s employees, partners and key stakeholders, has been the mainstay of Trings Co-founders – Akshay Saini, Rahul Saini and Pranav Chabhadia.

100,000 orders from over 10,000 celebrities

As it stands, Tring is now 10,000 celebrities strong, delivering several tens of thousands of orders every month and reaching out to millions of customers propagating its services of personalised celebrity video message, LIVE video calls, brand engagement, product placement, online experience sessions, etc. And truly bringing fans and brands closer to celebrities.

Not so long ago, the story was quite bleak across categories not knowing what to expect and how to manoeuvre through the pandemic impact. Marketing spends were reduced drastically. Brands then naturally gravitated to a digital delivery platform thanks to technology, reasonable data plans and an audience that’s constantly engaged on their phones. Platforms such as Tring became a catalyst for this huge opportunity with celebrities. What was conceptualized as an alternate revenue medium, has now grown on to become a key revenue generating pipeline for many celebrities and a great platform for fans to engage with their admired artistes. Notable celebrities on the platform earn anywhere between Rs. 3 to 5 lakhs per month with the best ones having made more than 25 lakhs on the platform.

Very recently, Tring introduced ‘Tring for business– a revolutionary first-of-its-kind automation platform that allows national, regional and local businesses or brands, to leverage the power of 10,000 celebrities to drive saliency, product efficacy, testimonials, promotions, new store opening, gifts for customers and dealers, etc. With standardised celebrity pricing businesses are using these cost-effective celebrity services for increasing brand credibility and staying on top-of-mind. The seamless connectivity and array of virtual services to choose from, clearly demonstrates the impact of this platform – and the leadership position that Tring occupies in this segment.

One could pose the question – why couldn’t Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc deliver something like that knowing the penetration and engagement Not really! Those are one way media, where the celebrity puts out generic content and can get feedback (in the form of comments) but there is no personalization (for their fans). In addition, there is no way for emerging celebs to monetize these generic interactions. Tring specialises in two way interactions, giving celebrity the power to manage their account through an app that allows execution of an order in under 30 seconds. Celebrity engagement platforms – like Tring – are essentially the next evolution of basic social media sites.

So how has this platform evolvedTrings technology platform is seeing greater demand across metro and mini-metros and a visible traction from tier 2 and tier 3 cities, where users are excited and delighted that Tring assures them of an interaction via a video call or a video message from their favourite celebrity, who is miles away from them. Also, regional stars and local influencers are establishing their connect with their growing fan base.

Remarking about the milestone, Mr. Akshay Saini, CEO and Co-founder said, “We are determined to set the bar high in terms of celebrity-fan interaction and the overall experience for fans and brands. With our ongoing efforts, Tring will cross the benchmark of 100,000 orders monthly in the next 6 months, all under 24 months since our launch. Today, we have over 10,000 celebrities who have chosen to trust us and our tech-based service offerings, with a clear eye on the massive earning potential through the platform.

About Tring

Tring is India’s leading tech-enabled celebrity engagement and shoutout platform. Headquartered in Mumbai, Tring was Co-founded by Akshay Saini, Rahul Saini and Pranav Chabhadia in 2020. It has a large roster of local, regional and international celebrities from across a wide variety of genres, offering digital services for fans to connect with their favourite celebrities, via video shoutouts, live video calls, and direct messages on social media, amongst others. In a matter of 18 months, they have emerged as the leading platform in the celebrity engagement space – with over 10000+ celebrities and backing by established industry players and entrepreneurs.

For further information about Tring, please visit the website:

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