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5ire named Raj Kapoor as India strategy lead

Raj Kapoor, the founder and CEO of India Blockchain Alliance, the country’s largest emerging technology think tank, has joined 5ire as the India Strategy Lead.

Raj Kapoor is the Founder and Chairman of the India Blockchain Alliance, as well as an advisor to various blockchain firms. He is a successful tech innovator, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Educator, Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP), Blockchain Solution Architect, Community organiser, and supporter of innovative ideas, as well as the pro tem Chairman of the Organization of Blockchain Technology Users (OBTU).

On joining 5ire Raj Kapoor said, “I am truly delighted to be a part of a revolution. Yes, 5ire is not just revolutionary; it is the blockchain ecosystem that will be a household name that exemplifies TRUST and data credibility. It is becoming abundantly clear that the 5ire team is the (group of) visionaries for our future and their brilliantly developed ecosystem, is a masterpiece.

I look forward to working with and helping guide this team’s success. 5ire is the blockchain for everything and a trailblazer in this space!”

5ire’s Co-founder & CEO Pratik Gauri, said on the occasion, “I am delighted with the inclusion of Raj to the 5ire team and gaining an important ally in the Indian blockchain ecosystem. This is what I meant when I set the goal of championing UN SDGs to impact over a billion humans by creating multiple businesses to act as a force for good. India is an important marketplace to gain on-ground support for 5ire and its mission and Raj is a strategic addition to our team.”

As Prateek Dwivedi, Co-founder and CMO at 5ire put it, “We need all the strategic help we can get, primarily in the markets where both skills and opportunities exist, to share our vision of sustainability that empowers everyone to benefit from this new frontier in technology.”

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