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Policybazaar’s new ad campaign with Akshay Kumar focuses on 30-minute claim support

Policybazaar, India’s foremost insurance aggregator and leading fintech platform, unveils the newest superhero in town with its latest campaign – Mr Policybazaar, Insurance Ka Superhero – featuring its brand ambassador and actor Akshay Kumar.

The new campaign emphasizes the significance of quick and effective assistance with insurance claims in the hour of need. Claim settlement is considered a moment of truth and often, the process becomes a pain point for policyholders during a time of distress. Rooted in this thought, Policybazaar’s customer-centric approach aims to address this gap and the campaign focuses on spreading awareness regarding the brand’s 30-minute claim assistance promise.

Synonymous with the brand’s principle of assisting people at every step of their insurance journey, the ad film shows Mr Policybazaar assuring a wife anxious over admitting her husband to the hospital, saying, “Insurance claim ke time pe aapki help keliye sirf 30-minute mein tayyar, main hoon Mr. Policybazaar.”

Sharat Dhall, the Chief Operating Officer at Policybazaar, said, “Policybazaar has been focussed on providing end-to-end assistance to our customers when it comes to the entire insurance journey – right from comparing policies, getting the best prices, to buying online and to claims support. We are excited to take this commitment to the next level with our new 30-minute claim assistance promise. The goal is to establish trust with consumers and to help people through seamless claim assistance. With this campaign, we look forward to driving a strong consumer connection by building trust that Policybazaar will be there for you at the time you need it most.”  

Talking about the campaign launch, Policybazaar’s VP and Head of brand marketing, Samir Sethi said, “The fundamental objective of the campaign is to assure consumers that Policybazaar will always be there to help them with their insurance claims. Mr Policybazaar is the superhero manifestation of that promise. At a time when you or your family are  battling the anxiety of a health issue, the last thing you need is to get tangled up in protocols and paperwork. This is where Policybazaar takes the load off the consumers’ shoulder and steps in to support them. We are elated to have Akshay Kumar as Mr Policybazaar, as he is the perfect fit to take our message to the masses.” 

Drawing attention to the brand’s larger message of providing social and financial security to all, the campaign also stresses the importance of purchasing health insurance. At a time when the deadly pandemic is gaining momentum yet again, health issues are soaring at an alarmingly high rate. Following some tough lessons and seeing medical inflation translating to skyrocketing bills, insurance is the only safety shield against it. Policybazaar advocates the prudent decision of buying health insurance at a reasonable cost today in order to safeguard your tomorrow.


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