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Zee Tamil to telecast the Grand Finale of Survivor on 12th December

Zee Tamil turned heads across the world as it brought the first-ever Tamil adaptation of the internationally acclaimed reality show – Survivor, this year. Adapted to suit the taste of the Tamil audience, the show brought together a strong set of participants who put their survival instincts as well as their mental and physical strength to the ultimate test. 18 brilliant contestants including the likes of Vikranth, Umapathy, Aishwarya, Saran, Nandha, Vijaya Lakshmi, Lucky Narayan, Inigo Prabhakar, Vanessa Cruz, Amzad Khan, SrushtiDange, Besant Ravi, Parvathy VJ, Gayathri Reddy, Ram C, Lady Kash, Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli and Indraja Shankar, battled it out to win ‘Survivor’.

Action King turned host Arjun also kept them on their toes throughout the season as the participants faced uncertain twists and turns. The viewers were taken on an exhilarating journey in the past 90 days with the contestants displaying extraordinary grit and determination while competing in challenging tasks, overcoming their worst fears, as they came to grips living on an uninhabited island, Survivor is all set to host its Grand Finale on 12th December from 9:30 pm to 11:00 pm. With everyone eager to find out who will be crowned the ultimate sole Survivor and take home the cash prize of Rs 1 crore, the mega finale is a must-watch.

For the uninitiated, Zee Tamil’s magnum opus reality show started with 18 contestants. Since the beginning, Survivor kept viewers at the edge of their seats with two tribal teams, namely ‘Kaadargal’ and ‘Vedargal,’ battling out against each other on the magnificent Zanzibar Island. The two teams fought bravely as they faced the harsh realities of living and surviving in a natural environment, where nights are without light and some days one has to battle for hunger, all planned while ensuring the safety of each contestant. We saw new friendships being formed, teams being split amongst themselves, and fights breaking out between the two teams and finding their way back into each other’s hearts. However, it was the unexpected eliminations in the ‘Tribal Panchayat’ with the contestants voting out the contestants whom they felt threatened left everyone surprised throughout the season. However, little did the contestants know that the eliminated contestants weren’t being ousted, but in fact, being put on to an even more challenging environment at ‘Moondram Ulagam’. All the eliminated contestants faced each other in nerve-wracking tasks, with the winners Amzath Khan and Vijaya Lakshmi also got a chance to re-enter the main game and island midway through the season.

With the previously eliminated contestants making their way back into the game, the two teams merged to form a larger group – ‘Kombargal,’ after which all the contestants started to play their individual games. During each challenge and tribal panchayat throughout the season, the contestants faced never-seen-beforeobstacles, with some facing few injuries and unexpected failures only to get back on their feet for the next task.

Commenting on the culmination of the show, Siju Prabhakaran, EVP and South Cluster Head, ZEEL, said, “Zee Tamil has always aimed at being the trend-setter rather than a trend-follower and we realised the audience’s need fora differentiated reality show. Hence, we decided to become the first Tamil channel to adapt the internationally popular concept of Survivor. Right from the portfolio of contestants to the production value, the challenging tasks, the magnificent yet intimidating Zanzibar Island, and our star host, we put our best foot forward to make the show a success. Survivor truly left the viewers amazed and redefined the concept of reality television in the region, which we are extremely proud about! We’ve seen how the contestants have given their blood, sweat, and tears to date and now, during the Grand Finale, we will see the ultimate mega showdown to find out who will be crowned the Sole Survivor and who will take home the Rs 1 crore cash prize.”

So far, the contestants who have survived through the toughest tasks and managed to make it to the top 5 are Umapathy, Saran, VijayaLakshmi, Lucky Narayan, and Vanessa Cruz. Their fate now lies in the hands of eliminated contestants like Nandha, Amzath Khan, Inigo Prabhakar, Aishwarya and Vikranth, who have been given special powers as jury members on the show. With such powerful players still fighting for the title, viewers are bound to witness fireworks in the finale on 12th December, 9:30 pm onwards, and cheer for the winner who takes home the mega bounty of Rs 1 crore.

With several powerful players battling it out for the last time to win the title, don’t forget to tune in to the grand finale of Survivor on Sunday, 12th December at 9:30 pm only on Zee Tamil and on ZEE5 OTT Platform.

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