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Fastrack Celebrates the Bold Portrait of the Youth With – ‘You Do You’ Campaign


Fastrack, India’s leading and celebrated youth watch and accessories brand announces the launch of its new positioning, ‘You Do You’. By embracing the new brand ethos, Fastrack continues to uphold their efforts towards appealing to a generation of youth with unbridled spirit and enthusiasm.

With the tagline of ‘Move On’, Fastrack with its signature tonality spoke of the uncommitted space of attraction, which was the prevailing tension of the youth back then. With the launch of Fastrack ‘You Do You’, the brand actively fuels the fearless expression of the Gen Z’s fluid identity. The role of the brand is to validate the experiences of the youth of today, the Gen Z and be their ally in their
explorations, concerns and celebrations.

The campaign films talk about staying comfortable in your skin, being positive about your body and individual experiences of self-love. They represent the uninhibited expression of youth identity, label-less and free, and which refuses to be locked into any templates or boxes.


Mr. Ajay Maurya, Marketing Head, Fastrack on the new announcement said, “Fastrack has always been about edgy conversations with a fun and witty approach. With time, the focus of the youth has shifted to how they explore their identity through their choices, orientations and interests, though they are under constant stress of being judged and labelled.

One of the tensions taken up by the Fastrack ‘You do You’ campaign is body shaming. Social bullying for being a certain body type causes mental health issues and hinders the overall progression of GenZs. Thus, in the first set of campaign films, we look through the lens of owning one’s body and choices.”

This new avatar of Fastrack resonates with the ever-evolving audience of the brand. With Fastrack ‘You Do You’, the brand acknowledges and celebrates the multidimensional Gen Z and the ease with which they embrace their unique, authentic selves.

Sonali Khanna, Executive Director and Branch head, Lowe Lintas, South Said “Since its inception, Fastrack has keenly supported the boldest choices of the young generation; encouraging them to share their true identities with the world. Which is why Fastrack advertising has always been on the cutting edge of free thinking. As the world comes to terms with a radically altered reality, the youth of today have also demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt and explore new ways of expressing themselves. Our objective was to capture the true essence of their multi- faceted identities; and tell stories that resonated with their real lives. With ‘You Do You’, Fastrack aims to embolden their authentic selves and continue on their path to fearless self-expression.

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