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Institute of Nutrition Leadership becomes Regional Education Partners for The Health Sciences Academy in India


With the growing burden of diseases, obesity, malnutrition, lifestyle diseases, if there is one factor that can help people lead a healthier life – it’s nutrition. India, with its dense population of over 136 Crore, needs more nutrition leaders who can make a positive impact in the lives of several.

Institute of Nutrition Leadership (INL) started with a mission to shape 10,000 nutrition leaders in India by 2025. It is India’s first business school to provide online certification courses exclusively in Nutrition Science, Marketing, and Business Management.

The Health Sciences Academy (THSA) is the world’s largest, 100% science-based, online educational institution. They empowered over 1,50,000 students from 170 countries and have been raising the industry standards through personalised nutrition and practical science. All the certifications offered by THSA are CPD (Continuous Professional Development) accredited.

INL and THSA made a joint announcement on 15 August 2021 about their partnership that increases opportunities for students / professionals by giving them the power of world-class evidence-based knowledge.

Mr Maurice Castelijn, MBA, CEO of The Health Sciences Academy, said, “With this collaboration, Indian students and professionals are now empowered to study advanced nutrition certifications at their fingertips online. With traditional education taking a back seat due to the COVID, online education can open more doors. It is the future, especially for dental professionals who want to grow their opportunities.”

Dr Kanagaraj, PhD, CEO of Institute of Nutrition Leadership, added, “With this collaboration, now Indian professionals can specialise in Clinical Weight Loss, Nutritional Therapy, Advanced Fertility Nutrition, Advanced Child & Brain Development Nutrition, Nutrition for Cancer Prevention, Detox and Toxicology, Advanced Dietary Supplements, Stress Management, Sleep Management, Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutrition, Gut Restoration, Food Allergies and Intolerances, Research Techniques, and Lifestyle Medicine.

He also said, “The situation for dental professionals is really challenging due to increasing unemployment. We are announcing a program specifically for dental professionals in India with 100 scholarships, which can help them succeed in their professional careers.”

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