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Zoomcar named Hany Olama and Gene Angelo Ferrer as VP & Country Heads for Egypt and Philippines


Zoomcar, the world’s largest car-sharing platform for emerging economies, has begun operations in foreign markets. Zoomcar, which dominates India’s self-drive car rental sector, has moved into Southeast Asia and the Middle East, appointing national leaders in the Philippines and Egypt to help boost its operations.

Hany Olama will head Zoomcar’s activities in Egypt as Vice President and Country Head. Hany worked for some of the leading companies in the MENA region before joining Zoomcar. With ArabyAds, Carrefour, Raya Electronics, Enlight, and Dare’n’Deal, he has worked in Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Retail, Software Development, and Group Buying.

Gene Angelo Ferrer has joined Zoomcar as Vice President and Country Head for the company’s Philippines expansion. Gene previously managed the introduction into the Philippines of Dostavista, a Russian-based crowdsourced delivery network, in 2018. MrSpeedy in the Philippines — Gene built the firm enormously with record-breaking year-on-year growth rates on both daily sales and profit margins total deliveries per day.

Gene and Hany come with over a decade’s experience and their expertise in start-up management will prove vital in establishing Zoomcar as the first-to-market car-sharing platform in the Philippines and Egypt.

Commenting on Zoomcar’s international expansion and appointment of new country heads Greg Moran, CEO & Co-Founder Zoomcar said, “At Zoomcar, we have always been focused on personal mobility and this is the perfect time for us to expand internationally. Against the backdrop of Covid, there are a lot of inherent tailwinds, which is really helping us capture more of the consumer mindset and gain market share. People want to get out and travel, they want to be social again. Places like the Philippines and Egypt have low levels of vehicle ownership but large, upwardly mobile populations and it’s the perfect opportunity for us to leverage because there’s simply no vehicle accessibility and affordability is a huge constraint. We are thrilled to welcome Hany and Gene as our new country heads and look forward to benefiting from their experience of scaling up aggressively and building synergistic partnerships contributing to our growth. Egypt and the Philippines will be a benchmark for us to expand into other countries in Southeast Asia and MENA”.

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