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90+ My Tuition App receives USD 5 million in Series A funding


90+ My Tuition App is India’s best-in-class tutoring app. Through digital representation, the Tuition App assists students in achieving great marks. stated that it has raised USD 5 million in Series A funding from members of the Dubai-based business group Directors of Pearl Investment LLC. The cash raised will be used to expand the company’s market, strengthen its brand, and develop new products in India’s major cities.

“The growth potential for online primary and secondary education is projected to grow at a CAGR of 60 percent at USD 773 million by 2021 according to Online Education in India: 2021 report by KPMG. The growth has been driven by changing consumer needs wherein students are looking for interactive content at affordable prices. This change in consumer need has been fueled by access to smartphones and increasing internet penetration, especially in Tier 2-3 cities of India. Our aim is to digitize tutoring, for that we are providing focused textbook-oriented animated video content. Students generally are afraid of scoring in Math and Science but we want to change this perception by making these subjects easy to learn using animated content that imprints on the young minds,” said Co-Founder and Vice President of 90+ My Tuitions App, Vingish Vijay.

“We are in a midst of an Edtech revolution and the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of technology in education overnight. We are excited to partner 90+ My Tuition App’s journey and help them bring about transformative change in how students learn,” said Azmal Jaleel, CEO at Pearl Investment LLC.

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