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Protinex Announced the fifth edition of The Protein week between 24 – 30th July

Protein week

With an aim to sensitize Indian adults on the integral role of protein in improving physical health and hence overall Quality of Life, Protinex, India’s leading health food brand today announced the fifth edition of The Protein Week (TPW), celebrated annually between 24 – 30th July. The Protein Week aims to dial up the awareness about the importance of protein, a macro nutrient which is important to lead a healthy and active life.

Protinex has initiated a slew of activities during The Protein Week along with nutrition experts to build cognizance around Protein. The message about the role of protein in improving physical health and Quality of Life is also embedded in the brand’s marketing campaign- #moretolife. The campaign involves collaborating with influencers and nutrition experts to educate Indian adults about the importance of QoL and the role of protein in improving QoL. This message is amplified across the brand’s digital and social channels, in the form of curated regional content through static and video formats. The brand will also use regional influencers to drive home the message in the local language. It will enable access to information across India and help improve the understanding among people about the role of protein in improving QoL.

A protein rich diet would not only contribute in improving the health and wellbeing but also has a significant role in improving Quality of Life parameters, specifically physical health. This was one of the inferences of the recently released Quality of Life survey (QoL) which is based on a WHO QoL questionnaire and other survey tools. The survey measures the QoL of Indian adults and assess their perception about the factors that affect their QoL – physical health, nutrition and particularly protein. The survey revealed that nearly 1 in 2 adults had poor QoL scores while 90% of respondent believed that protein is important to improve their physical health & Quality of Life, only 9% were getting adequate protein in their diet.

Protinex has launched a unique “Quality of Life Assessment Tool” on their website to make the survey available to all. A person can assess whether their Quality of Life score is in-line with the average score of an Indian adult. A person can also use Google Assistant to access the Quality of Life Assessment tool. They just need to open the Google Assistant and say ‘Talk To Protinex India’. This will lead them to the survey for individual assessment.

Celebrating the fifth edition of The Protein Week, Mr. Sriram Padmanabhan, Marketing Director, Danone India said, “The Protein Week is a part of our brand’s endeavor to spread awareness around different facets of protein. This year we have spotlighted the attention on Quality of Life of Indian adults and role of protein in improving physical health and QoL. The critical role of protein in improving our health and Quality of Life cannot be ignored. Through a nuanced communication campaign, we want to drive awareness around the importance of protein and balanced nutrition in improving one’s Quality of Life”.

Assessment of protein intake is the first step to bridge the gap in daily diet and eliminate its deficiency. Last year, Protinex had launched the first-of-its kind Immuno-Nutrient Calculator, which helps people assess the intake of protein and other nutrients in their daily diet that are essential in building immunity. The calculator has been made available for the use of public on the Protinex website.

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