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Rapido Launches #NoStressSawari Campaign to Address Public Transport Commuter Woes


Rapido, India’s largest bike taxi platform, today announced the launch of its new digital marketing campaign #NoStressSawari. The campaign highlights different struggles of commuters traveling to work in a train, bus, or shared auto and asks users to re-think on the choice of their commute and the need to adjust in public transport when they have an alternative. The three short 20-second films show the compromises and the many ‘adjustments’ one makes while traveling, when they could have easily driven home using the more convenient solution – Rapido Bike Taxi.

The #NoStressSawaricampaign includes three films showing the protagonists preparing for their daily commute struggle, be it while practicing the bus-aasan yoga, or be it playing musical chairs to increase their agility when the time comes to grab that seat on the metro/local train or a shared auto. It is an analogy-driven concept to show the perils of everyday commute using a humorous tone, to show people that there is an alternative convenient mode of transportation available i.e. Rapido.The campaign and storyline were conceptualized in-house, the script was written by Enormous Brands and brought to life by Magixengage.

Announcing the campaign, Amit Verma, Head of Marketing, Rapido, said, “The idea of adjusting for everything has become an Indian norm. Everyday commuters go through harrowing experiences from waiting in line for hours for the next auto or bus to traveling in unhygienic conditions in the local trains. With #NoStressSawari, we want to make commuters aware of the many benefits of availing a bike taxi like convenience, safety, affordability, navigating quickly through traffic. Our campaign urges people to choose their daily commute smartly, where the seat is theirs alone. We aim to provide safe and affordable transport to people who don’t want to struggle daily to commute and avoid crowded modes of transportation.”

Rapido has announced a $20Mn budget for this year’s bullish focus on its marketing efforts. With commuters going back to work and in need of a convenient commute option that is safe and affordable, Rapido plans to bring awareness to Bike Taxi’s benefits as a commute option as they are the most convenient, and affordable transportation option in the current times, and one of the safest modes of transportation compared to the public transportation options available.

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