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Anthem 2.0, sung by Sonu Nigam, is released by Mankind Pharma.

Sonu Nigam

Mankind Pharma launched the Anthem 2.0 with Sonu Nigam, an Indian singer, music director and actor, that captures and highlights the bravery of all the healthcare frontline workers and police officers, who worked day and night for the society to fight against COVID-19. It’s these Godlike acts of our heroes leads us onward; the fire of optimism and hope grows with our resilience and faith. The anthem is an initiative to bring the true essence of the nation, ingrains a sensation of nationalism and reinforces the need of standing together as one nation.

The anthem underlines some of the greatest achievements and a tribute to people who lost their lives because of the virus and as a result, the pandemic united all of us as a family keeping aside the cast and religion in the toughest time. The unprecedented times that have taken a toll on millions of souls, the anthem is Mankind Pharma’s enthusiasm to keep the spark of optimism still ignited and the ray of hope to not fade. The anthem further reinstates the pride of being an Indian.



Rajeev Juneja, Managing Director and Vice Chairman, Mankind Pharma, said, “It is a proud moment to launch our Anthem 2.0 sung by Sonu Nigam, his voice has uplifted the mood and energy of the anthem. Through this anthem we want the belief of a beautiful India grow within us. Thank you and salute to all our frontline workers, specially doctors, policemen, army, pharmacists and nurses who have put their life in danger to save others. The anthem helps spread a positive message of staying together at all times and at the same time being optimistic about the future. Together we all can come out of the pandemic healthy, hearty, and strong.”

Speaking on the occasion, anthem singer Sonu Nigam, said, “Mankind Pharma was keen that I compose the song myself besides singing the Anthem, so it has my soul wrapped all around it. I feel this is one of my most precious creations of all time.”

The pandemic hit the nation and rising up to the occasion, Mankind Pharma came forward to set aside a total sum of approximately ₹270 crore to help support everyone in dire need. In 2020, the company donated a cumulative sum of ₹130 crore, that included a sum ₹51 crore to the PM and CM relief funds.

This year when India was hit by the second wave, Mankind Pharma, committed to the society, has already allocated a total sum of ₹140 crore. The major contribution in 2021has been the donation of ₹100 crore for the families of deceased doctors, police officers, pharmacists, and other healthcare workers who have lost their lives fighting the pandemic. These are little initiatives that Mankind pharma will continue doing to help the society to sail through tough times.

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