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Silk Rummy Launched New Features which allow Late Entry in Pool Rummy, One Shot Rummy and More

Skill Rummy

SilkRummy is happy to announce the launch of its most progressive rummy game feature which has never been attempted in online rummy in India: Late entry into Pool Rummy!

SilkRummy is the first rummy site in India, and extensible in the world, to launch this most popular offline game format – late-entry card game feature in the digital version of pool rummy.

Players can now enter their favourite pool rummy game even after the game starts! An entire host of calculations and conditions have been designed around a very elaborate algorithm to mimic this popular offline rummy feature, which is a common call in most rummy clubs, in its online avatar. This state-of-the-art feature is absolutely unique and much desired by rummy players all across the world! And therefore, the players absolutely love it!

Another awesome feature is the One Shot Rummy Game: also referred to as Deal Rummy, or simply a Best of 1 rummy cash games format. Players go head to head here to test out their rummy skills during a single game of rummy and see who comes out on top! Players bet a predetermined amount of cash to decide the rummy cash game that is completed in a single deal. One Shot rummy is an excellent filler game in case there is waiting time to hitch the players’ desired rummy table.

Along with these new game features, is a market leader in the rummy industry when it comes to collecting the feedback of players and providing them with an enriching online gaming experience. With these player’s feedback, SilkRummy has also recently implemented half count scoring for deal show in all pool rummy game tables. The game scoring algorithm is changed on all pool rummy game tables to provide the benefit to the rummy players.

The following are the types of Rummy hosted on SilkRummy:

  1. 13-card Points Rummy
  2. Pool Rummy
  • Late Entry in Pool
  • 4/6 & 6/6 Pool rummy tables
  1. Best of N or Deals Rummy
  • Best of 2
  • Best of 3
  • One Shot Rummy
  • Anonymous tables
  1. Rummy Tournaments

SilkRummy has been one among the market leaders in product innovation in online rummy cash games and offers a plethora of advanced gaming options and features to its players! Its philosophy of innovation with regards to building a truly world-class indigenous product catering to the gaming customer centricity at its forefront will still guide and encourage it and lots of others within the upcoming Gaming industry in India!

Ground-breaking features of the SilkRummy Website & Rummy android app

The following are the prominent features of SilkRummy that make it the best Rummy app game:

Sign-up Bonuses: As a sign-up bonus, upto Rs. 50 is deposited into the player’s account to experience real cash Rummy games. And, on the first deposit, the player gets a 100% bonus upto Rs.5000 on the deposited amount.

Exciting Tournaments and Offers: The rummy game is packed with exciting contests and competitive tournaments. Besides, there are exclusive offers giving added bonuses and benefits to rummy players.

Referral Bonus: SilkRummy is a credible site for Online rummy and is always and reward its patrons with great opportunities. One can earn a bonus of Rs 5,000 for every person referred to SilkRummy.

Quick Support: SilkRummy’s 24×7 customer support is the best in the industry. Whenever anybody is stuck, one can easily reach out to the SilkRummy customer support team using the app’s in-built support option.

Appealing Design: The game design is graphic and appealing, and the interface is very user-friendly. It helps players play Rummy versions like Pool Rummy, Points Rummy, and Deals Rummy with great ease.

Secure Transactions: Spending money online can be tricky, but with SilkRummy, one need not worry. All the transactions made with SilkRummy are absolutely safe and secure. The app is packed with anti-fraud systems to prevent any forgery or malpractices. Besides, the user information is also stored in a foolproof system to check any misuse.