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Kamdhenu Paints launches Social Media campaign on prevention #ProtectionHaiZaruri


Kamdhenu Paints, a leading manufacturer of high-quality paint and emulsion in the country, announces the launch of a social media campaign #ProtectionHaiZaruri that talks about the importance of protection from COVID-19 with vaccination and Exterior Walls with Kamdhenu Exterior Emulsions. The highly virulent Covid-19 strains causing the second wave of the pandemic has subsided and there is already talk of a third wave that is likely to majorly impact children. Vaccination offers a strong degree of protection against the virus and everyone must get themselves inoculated at the earliest possible to protect themselves and their loved ones.


Similarly for exterior walls of homes and commercial buildings, precaution is important to protect structural integrity and avoid heavy repair and maintenance costs later. There are specialist products such as Kamdhenu Weather Supreme, Kamdhenu Weather Classic Max, Weather Classic and Kamdhenu Kamoshield that offer maximum protection to exterior surfaces. Kamdhenu Paints products are specifically developed to protect exterior surfaces from harsh weather conditions such as rains, dust, and heat. With monsoon arriving in the country, these high-performance products offer protection from Dampness, Algae & Fungal caused by lashing rain. It also has a High SRI Value which gives better protection to the Exterior Walls and it also has other important features like Stain Resistance, High Opacity, Anti Dirt Pick Up & Anti Fading.


The Government authorities are leaving no stones unturned to prevent a third wave and citizens have a moral responsibility to help in taking preventive measures to avoid the third wave. Getting vaccinated is the most important step a person can take and maintaining all safety and precautionary measures are the duty of all individuals. Just like we take care of our homes and offices by using protective paint on them, we must all contribute to the government’s efforts to prevent or minimize the impact of the so-called third wave.


Mr. Saurabh Agarwal, Director, Kamdhenu Paints said, “The government agencies are working hard to prevent a third wave of Covid-19 infection by promoting precautionary measures like vaccination and following all safety protocols such as avoiding crowded places and wearing masks. At Kamdhenu, we are very well aware of the importance of preventive measures as we deal with protecting buildings and structures through our specialist products. When left exposed and unprotected, exterior walls deteriorate rapidly under the impact of nature. Similarly, without the safety net of vaccinations and safe practices, the Covid-19 pandemic will continue to extract a heavy toll. Let us all join hands to fight the third wave and let us protect our buildings from the harsh impacts of natural phenomena such as rain.”

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