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TVS Eurogrip urges public to maintain social distancing through ‘#StandApartToStandTogether’ campaign

TVS EuroGrip

With social distancing becoming the need of the hour during the pandemic and post pandemic era and enforcement of it becoming a challenge, TVS Eurogrip recently released an insightful video on the importance of continuing to take necessary precautions such as maintaining ‘social distancing’, wearing a mask and how it can aid in combating the spread of the pandemic.  

TVS Eurogrip, India’s leading 2 & 3-wheeler Tyre brand, conducted a social experiment across crowded public places such as supermarkets, diagnostic centres and pharmacies that involved placement of a floor runner with markers for people standing in the queue to be positioned at a safe distance from each other. The premises were wired with motion sensors to send out an alarm when an individual crosses the threshold distance between himself / herself and others and played out the message “Yeh Responsibility wala mod hai, let’s maintain social distancing” on the speaker systems specifically installed to educate and spread consciousness amongst the public. The company also placed awareness messages at multiple vantage points in these locations to amplify the communication that every single effort matters in this battle against the pandemic. The social experiment has been released as a video on digital channels to further the cause and propagate this social message. 

Commenting on the social experiment, Mr. P Madhavan, EVP-Sales & Marketing, TVS Srichakra Ltd said, “While every one of us intends to follow the safety norms prescribed by healthcare experts and the government, we sub-consciously forget to do so. This social experiment has been conceptualized to re-emphasize the importance of the same. We, at TVS Eurogrip believe we need conscious behavioural change for us to tackle the spread of the pandemic effectively. As the unlock process begins again in the country, we felt this would serve as a gentle reminder for the public. We firmly believe that it is our responsibility to instil positivity through these campaigns during these uncertain times just like we always urge two-wheeler riders about the importance of riding responsibly and safely on the roads.” 

With this campaign, the company aims to bring back the attention of the public to “Safety First” and taming the spread of COVID by wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing.  

The video is live across all social media platforms.

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