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AXIA Coin, the First Asset-Supported Global Currency, to Be Listed on BitMart Exchange


AXIA Coin (AXC) will be listed on BitMart Shooting Star at 10:00 PM on July 6, 2021 (EDT). Eligible BitMart users can purchase AXC with 20% off in a 24-hour flash sale. For all BitMart users, the AXC/USDT will be officially available for trading at 10:00 PM (EDT) on July 7, 2021.

AXIA Coin is a global currency that aims to introduce a more equitable economic model, utilizing blockchain and smart contract technology. As a network, AXIA integrates multiple applications to drive mainstream adoption in improving business processes on a global scale. The currency provides sophisticated solutions that serve as an ideal replacement for the fiat payment system and improve the existing cryptocurrency models.

AXIA Coin can be used to make payments, facilitate exchange, and power new applications. Its unique design based on smart contracts can be used to replace dedicated loyalty point programs, fuel the non-profit sector, reward information sharing among communities and become the dedicated currency of online marketplaces.

The AXIA Project has established a monetary framework and technological ecosystem that empowers participants to be their own value creators through decentralized activity. Users can also create value for others simultaneously by using services offered by AXIA. This built-in mechanism differentiates AXIA Coin from other speculative assets in the blockchain space.

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