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Netflix India announces its First Dating Reality Show ‘IRL: In Real Love’


How are you going to find genuine love if you’re drinking in a pub, swiping on an app, or travelling around the world? Netflix’s first Indian dating reality show, IRL:In Real Love, helps singletons negotiate this challenge for a generation plagued by Multiple Attraction Syndrome. IRL:In Real Love, produced by Monozygotic, is a follow-up to the popular shows Indian Matchmaking, Love is Blind, and Too Hot to Handle.

Tanya Bami, Director, International Originals, Netflix India, said, “We are excited to expand our offering in the reality genre with a distinctive dating format, IRL:In Real Love. The concept is a true reflection of the times we love and live in. The choices and conundrums we experience everyday will be put to test in the show’s unique social experiment. We look forward to unravelling some extraordinary love stories on Netflix.”

This fun show promises new connections, heartbreaks, and a chance to find out if your love will endure the test of time

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