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MedikaBazaar launches a new campaign to educate people to wear mask

MedikaBazaar, the leading one-stop Medical and HealthTech procurement platform, undertook the initiative of ensuring that people are educated about safety and preventive measures during the second wave of the COVID pandemic through its unique #DontShowMeYourFace campaign. The mask awareness campaign in association with Rotary Club of Nariman Point Mumbai and the Mumbai Police, focused on highlighting the importance of wearing a mask to fight COVID-19. The massive mask distribution program saw over 100,000 masks handed out to the general public at railway stations, hospitals and other key public places. The general public was also educated on how to correctly wear the masks.

Out of the over one lakh masks donated, 50,000 masks were donated to the underserved and underprivileged sections of the society. The other 50,000 masks were handed over to Mumbai Police to distribute in all police stations across the city.



The #DontShowMeYourFace campaign took a 360-degree approach and was launched across social media, television and through on-ground promotions. It was successful in delivering its message and sensitizing the general public about the need to wear a mask to prevent a COVID infection. The awareness campaign garnered over 1.5 million views on television, over a hundred thousand views of the campaign video and over a million impressions on social media.

Mr Vivek Tiwari, Founder & CEO, MedikaBazaar was felicitated by the Joint Commissioner of Police (Law & Order), Vishwas Nangare Patil for spearheading this one-of-its-kind Mask Awareness Initiative and helping protect those that protect the citizens round the clock. Mr Tiwari said, “The #DontShowMeYourFace campaign is a movement to ensure people are cautious about prevention measures to be taken against COVID-19. With majority of case being mild or asymptomatic, it may not be possible to tell who has COVID-19. Till the time we reach a stage where we have 100% vaccination, effective usage and correct wearing of a mask is the only solution to prevent infection. We felt that a campaign that plays on the negative connotation of not showing your face with a positive angle of preventing infection would catch people’s interest and ensure that they take the message seriously. I would like to thank the Mumbai Police and Rotary Club for their support in making this initiative successful.”

The mask awareness drive was extensively covered by the media with TV, print, digital and social media channels carrying details of the initiative. The initiative was lauded by government officials including Dr. Mohan Joshi, Dean, Sion Hospital and Mr. Manjunath Singe, Deputy Police Commissioner, Zone 8, Mumbai Police.

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